Ragnarok Origin Monk Leveling Guide 2023

This article will walk you through the leveling process for the high monk in Ragnarok Origin Monk Leveling Guide. To have a better grasp of the game, participants should adhere to the regulations. You no longer take on missions. We recommend hunting mandragora with at least level 6 fireball. The monk’s large AOE abilities are something that gamers will love, and you should take use of them. It will help players level up in Ragnarok Origin Monk Leveling Guide. Rotar Cairo can provide the necessary materials for level 50 thorn staff. 

Ragnarok Origin Monk Leveling Guide 2023

Rotar Zairo is also a level 55 beast. According to the film, you hold a gathering that will also seek Rotar Zairo. At level 55, you can begin your quest for Beru’s center, attempting to get the toxic substance swamp center or the entanglement center. When you use the quagmire skill, you just get a debuff; however, if you wear the poison swamp core, you get additional damage. However, if you honey creatures that are 1 to 10 levels higher than your current level, you can gain 110 XP.

Ragnarok Origin Monk Leveling Guide

Day 1 (Ragnarok Origin Monk Leveling Guide): On your first day, just complete all of the essential duties. All of the directions and lessons must be followed until you achieve level 30. A green signal will also appear beside your HP. The symbol depicts the combat or battle period in the game. You can consistently employ 120 minutes or 2 hours to improve your personality.

Day 2 (Ragnarok Origin Monk Leveling Guide): On day two, you can finally switch vocations to monk and pursue Muka. After you’ve exhausted your battle time, we propose that you begin seeking for Rotar Zairo with Freya’s assistance. You will not get XP when you activate, but you will receive the item drop of the creature you are hunting. That is also the card of murder or material accouterments.

Ragnarok Origin Monk Leveling Guide 2023

Ragnarok Origin Monk Leveling Guide: Flora Grind

For armors, we propose the apprentice monk outfit. Pair it with a hood and a buckler. Buckler is the most important object in this lesson, as you will see in the next section. When you reach level 45, you can pursue greens regardless of whether the beast is level 60. A level 10 meteor storm, however, is necessary. Another factor to consider is that you can pursue the monster if it is not 16 levels higher than your current level. Hunting animals 11 to 15 levels higher than your current level will get you 100 XP.

Ragnarok Origin Monk Leveling Guide: Level 55-65

The Quagmire core is important because it will show us the seasoned approach of how a high monk using this combo may have the passive luring effect. This is why a player must construct Buckler, since it has a 5% chance of automatically activating Kyrie Ellison. With enough work, a player may be able to complete this task. The level 60 to 65 veteran grind is the same as detailed previously. Only the locale, Payon, has changed. 

Ragnarok Origin Monk Leveling Guide: Level 70- 80 

At level 70, the Thorn Staff weapon is required. At level 70, you can finally change occupations to high monk, and you should also obtain your level 70 weapon, the Thorn staff. Continue to the next grinding spot, which will be on the Geffen Tower’s second level. You can also choose a Geffen Field location, but you must have a level 10 stonehenge. Concentrate on the next material required, the Sprint set, after grinding. It is for the level 80 recommendation. 

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