Ragnarok Origin Card Awakening List: Updated 2023

You’ll almost certainly come across several monster cards while playing Ragnarok Origin Card Awakening. These cards may be fitted to any suitable item of gear to boost certain stats. You can awaken and enhance these cards, so there’s more to them than meets the eye.

This technique not only enhances the base attributes of the card, but it may also offer new benefits to give your cards even more value. You’ll want to use this technique as frequently as possible, and we have a handy setlist of numbers to make sure you have all you need. Let’s take down some monsters and check out our Ragnarok Origin card awakening tutorial.

Ragnarok Origin Card Awakening List 2023

Ragnarok Origin Card Awakening Guide

While not needed, having a good supply of additional cards on hand may be quite helpful upon awakening. To be able to awaken cards, you must first accomplish a task assigned to you by Alfie. They will have the words “Card Awakening” over them and will begin your journey to learn about advanced cards.

You can return to Alfie after collecting up a dropped letter and handing it to the head of the knights. Their reward for assisting them with their assignment will be the activation of the card promotion function.

This is when having a large number of additional cards comes in helpful. You must ensure that the card you wish to awaken is both unequipped and in your inventory. If you return to Alfie, they will have set up a mechanism where you may spend Blue Card Fragments to awaken a card. After finishing the main mission, you’ll earn 80 fragments, but you’ll need to disassemble some monster cards to acquire more.

Ragnarok Origin Card Awakening & Dismantle Prices

Make your way to one of the Magic Card Machines. You can disassemble any excess monster cards in your inventory for Blue Card Fragments here. The quantity of pieces you receive is proportionate to the card’s rarity. The following cards will grant you the following number of Blue Card Fragments:

Ragnarok Origin Card Awakening List 2023

  • Green Card: 20-30 years old?
  • Blue Card: 100-400 or higher?

The Blue Card Fragments can then be used at Alfie to successfully awaken your card. Once a card has been awakened, it can be leveled up to level 15. It should be remembered that you must promote the card every 5 card levels by utilizing a duplicate copy of the awakened card. The lone exception is when selling purple cards. These will need the use of a number of Purple Card Fragments, which may be obtained by disassembling any purple card. 

Ragnarok Origin Card Awakening List

Finally, before we go into the figures, it’s important to mention that any card you awaken can be reset. By right-clicking a card in your inventory and selecting Reset, the card will be restored to its former condition, and you will get all promotion materials and a portion of the upgrade materials. With that out of the way, we’ll leave you with some pricing tables for card awakening and disassembly.

Are you tired of having to wait for a supervisor to appear? Do you wish there was a gadget that could notify you when a boss spawned in a certain area? The makers of Ragnarok Origin Card Awakening have produced a gadget that allows users to detect when a mini-boss has been spawned.

Along with knowing when the boss will spawn, there is important information on loot and what you can do to increase your chances of receiving prizes. Here’s all you need to know about mini-bosses’ spawn times in Ragnarok Origin Card Awakening

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