Destiny 2 Top of Class: Full Quest Guide

The 16th Season, Season of Risen, is coming to a finish with a replay of the Guardian Games event, a fun rivalry between Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters. To get the Heir Apparent Machine Gun and discover how to finish the Destiny 2 Top of Class: Full Quest Guide. There are different missions accessible, including day to day, week after week, and ones that grant free guns, for example, The Title and Likely successor. 

Destiny 2 Top of Class: Full Quest Guide

Destiny 2 Top of Class: Full Quest Guide

After completing the introductory Destiny 2 Top of Class: Full task Guide, you will be able to unlock the task. Destiny 2 Top of Class: Full Quest Guide requires just two moves toward completion. While they are generally basic, contingent upon your ability, they can be finished a lot quicker.

It should be noted that if you have already obtained Heir Apparent Catalyst, there is a glitch that grants you a “The Competitive Catalyst” Quest. According to Bungie, you may safely destroy it. “The Competitive Catalyst quest is now available to players who already have the Heir Apparent catalyst from a previous Guardian Games.” This mission may be safely deconstructed.”

How to Complete the “Wreathed in Laurels” Quest

The main thing you should do is open and complete the “Wreathed in Trees” Quest prerequisite. Essentially talk with Eva Levante at The Pinnacle again subsequent to finishing the “Top tier” Quest to open the “Top of Class” and “Wreathed in Trees” quests. Your first job is simple: collect 50 Laurels. Despite the fact that I’m sure you won’t require a cheddar strat to get 50 Trees rapidly, we truly do have a Shrub cultivating guide on the site. However, if you do, please follow that link.

In case you missed it, all you have to do to discover Laurels is put on this year’s Guardian Games gear and start crushing opponents. Whenever you rout adversaries and different players during Gatekeeper Games utilizing Class capacities and Supers, including scuffle and explosives, Trees are dropped; 3 focuses from players of similar Class and 1 point from players of various Classes. Uncovered Laurels, on the other hand, will not be delivered to the Postmaster. Meanwhile, Laurels will be awarded after each Gambit and Crucible match.

Destiny 2 Top of Class: Full Quest Guide

How to Complete the “Machine Gun-Focused” Quest

From that point forward, you should beat 100 foes with an Assault rifle in the Everyday Concentration or other Gatekeeper Games 2022-explicit playlists. If you and your Fireteam are confident in your PvP abilities, you and your Fireteam can run Strikes, Gambit, and Crucible matches. Particularly when killing other Guardians will get you additional points. After selecting your preferred Activities and eliminating 100 opponents from the realm of reality, return to Eva Levante to collect your free Heir Apparent Exotic Machine Gun and finish the Guardian Games 2022 in Destiny 2 Top of Class: Full Quest Guide.

Destiny 2 Best in Class: Full Quest Guide

For Guardian Games newcomers, Destiny 2 Best in Class: Full Quest Guide serves as an introduction. Best in Class is a quest in Destiny 2 that you’ll encounter when completing several of the annual event activities. Completing this task provides you a thorough understanding of the event’s dynamics and allows you to begin collecting Laurels and Medallions.

Guardians will have three more weeks to enjoy the event and collect some valuable prizes. So, without further ado, here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about the Destiny 2 Best in Class: Full Quest Guide. It couldn’t be easier to start this adventure and participate in the Guardian Games. The quest has a total of nine steps. 

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