Assassin Build Ragnarok Origin 2023

Katar dagger Assassin Build Ragnarok Origin Assassin Double Assault Qatar’s character development is typical of an attack character (click and wait). Katar is joined with the Sidewinder Card or the Snake Head Headband. As a consequence, Katar may now double-attack. This build has a high ASPD while using Katar. Grimtooth may be used for leveling due to its high hit rate. 

Assassin Build Ragnarok Origin 2023

An Assassin Build Ragnarok Origin with the Katar build will focus on basic strikes and depend vigorously on auto assaults to save SP. Humans are more effective in PvP because Katar weapons consider them as medium sized targets. After becoming a Thief, you can do an Assassin’s duty more effectively. Assassin Build Ragnarok Origin in PvP owing to their Invisible skill, which allows them to retreat from their opponents while doing massive damage to their target. A transcendent second job for an assassin is Assassin Build Ragnarok Origin Cross, while a transcendent third job is Guillotine Cross.

Assassin Build Ragnarok Origin

Katar is the standard Assassin Build Ragnarok Origin. Building a devastating assassin seems OK since assassins have a basic rate that is two times as high while utilizing Katar. There are two types of crit builds: equip crit and natural crit, both of which use luk for crit and damage adjustments for weapons (using Triple Critical Jur). Here are the advantages and disadvantages of this design:


  • Katar Weapons have a high critical rate and a high aspd.
  • On certain guides, for example, Turtle Prison and High Orcs, it is very compelling.
  • Nat-Crit Assassins have high DPS and can easily destroy challenging monsters such as Wanderer and Abysmal Knights.
  • Nat-Crit is an uncommon game. Your friends will be taken aback by such vast numbers and a high crit rate.
  • Katar launches a double-attack with high aspd.
  • Very open to beginners.
  • Because the Sidewinder card is so easy to get, Assassins are one of the best classes for farming it.
  • Extremely enjoyable because card farming is not an issue.

Assassin Build Ragnarok Origin 2023


  • Three Soldier Skeleton decks are required for Equip-Crit Assassin Build Ragnarok Origin.
  • Nat-Crit Assassin isn’t worth it if Rogues Treasure isn’t accessible on your server.
  • Endow/elemental Katars are required for crit assassins to perform at their peak.
  • Nat-Crit Assassin requires a large number of cards, which may take some time because no one chases them (Cruiser, Goblin-Archer, and Dullahan).
  • Regardless of the way that racial decks and Ele-Katars can increase harm, its DPS is restricted.
  • Contends ineffectively against Double Blade Assassins and Nat Crit with High-Outfitted.

Assassin Build Ragnarok Origin Stats

Str (83), Agi (90), Vit (40), Int (1, Dex), and Luk (20) are all high scores. This is everyone’s standard build. Thank you, Luk. Agi 90 boosts your aspd to 186. You can level up using Grimtooth (a wonderful strategy for those over 90). This build provides high DPS while being simple to play. SideWinder Card (has a 5% chance of triggering a double attack).

If your Double Attack skill is level 10 (recommended), you can double attack with any weapon. Hydra Card, a monster controlled by a DemiHuman, receives 20% greater damage. 15% Skeleton Worker Card Increases damage given to medium-sized monsters (ATK + 5), Mid Price. Owl Baron Card (Increases the possibility that Level 1 Lex Aeterna will be cast automatically while assaulting an opponent.) 

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