Guild League Ragnarok Origin: Best Guide

Guild League Ragnarok Origin: This article talks about the guild league Ragnarok origin for the first time. The minimum level requirement to play the guild league is level 40 and above.

You can play this guild league Ragnarok origin in the party mode only. The league will be played on the following days that is Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from the time 8:55 p.m. until 9:20 p.m. It’s basically a short leak just for 25 minutes. 

How to Play Guild League Ragnarok Origin?

Guild League Ragnarok Origin

Go to start and also there will be a notice on the display talking about the rank rules, match rules and gameplay. Also, the battlefield rules, powers and skills used by the guild head members to complete and win rewards in the guild league Ragnarok origin.

Rank Rules of the Match:

  1. A guild will be eligible to join the Guild League Ragnarok origin upon having 40 members or more. All eligible guilds will be enrolled for the matches automatically.
  2. The guild will be classified into several rankings based on their overall journey when they initially begin the league matches. Up to 8 guilds are included in each tier. The benefits get better the higher the rank.
  3. The guild league Ragnarok Origin opens from 8:55 to 920 every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for 3 rounds. Depending on the outcomes of the three rounds, guilds in the same rank will have their rankings changed. In the next week, the top two guilds in the current rankings will be elevated to the next tier, while the bottom two guilds will be demoted to a lower rank.

 Rules of the Matches:

  • The guild league Ragnarok origin has two different types of battlefields: main battlefield and secondary battlefield. The secondary battleground is open to everyone, but the main battlefield is only for elites.
  • The guild master, vice guild master, and commandos in each guild have the ability to personally point 40 elites. To examine the specifics of their information, touch the view elites’ button on the screen. Remind them to keep their appointment, please.
  • The action on the main battlefield will influence the outcome of each match. There are two sorts of gaming there: occupying tablets and slaying monsters. Killing monsters to provide buffs and special talents to players on the main battlefield is the primary gameplay element of the secondary battlefield.

How to play on the Main Battlefield in Guild League Ragnarok Origin?

Guild League Ragnarok Origin

  • On the primary battleground, there are three tablets. The number of members of each guild close to this tablet will be used to determine the profession of each tablet. Once a tablet is occupied, it immediately does 50 damage to the opposing guild and continues to do so for the duration of its occupation, dealing 10 damage every 10 seconds. When a tablet is in use, there is a 30-second lockdown period during which it cannot be used again.
  • Monsters are present on the battlefield at 3 spots 10 minutes and 15 minutes after the game’s start, and a big monster will also spawn at the 15-minute mark. All monster kills are determined by the last blow; killing a small monster deals 10 damage to nearby enemy players, while killing a huge monster does 500 damage to nearby opponent locations.
  • In the main battlefield, commanders, vice-commanders in guilds, and unique commander talents can be cast. Ice, fire, and dark are the three different sorts of commander talents.
  • In the main battlefield, there are two types of weather: sunny and snowy. On bright days, fire skills will improve, while on snowy days, I skills will improve. Killing MVP creatures in the secondary battlefield yields Mandal talents.

How to play on the Secondary Battlefield in Guild League Ragnarok Origin?

  • In the secondary battlefield, little creatures will appear 5 minutes, 8 minutes, and 13 minutes into the game. Taking out minor enemies and destroying enemy strongholds can boost morale on the main battlefield. As the morale hits 1000, 2000, and 3000, all participants on the main battlefield will receive buffs.
  • Hatiis and ifrits will spawn on the battlefield eight minutes into the game. The main battlefield gains a significant amount of morale and ice talents by defeating Hati. It takes a tremendous quantity of morale fire talents to defeat Ifrit on the main battlefield.
  • Baphomet will spawn on the battlefield a short while after the game begins. A significant number of moral and potent dark talents may be obtained by defeating Baphomet for the main battlefield.

Scoring and Rewarding

By occupying tablets, taking out opponents, helping teammates, and defending monsters, you may earn personal points. Personal points are just used for personal ranking and have no bearing on how matches turn out.

Players who have 5 or more personal scores at the conclusion of the game may redeem personal goodies. The guild gets a cool 5 points if it has 10 Guild members, which enables auction rewards. The benefits get better the higher the rank.

You also receive a feather and a few purple star coins after completing this guild league Ragnarok origin, which you may combine to make a binder, diamonds, money, a donation, and a bravery symbol. The eye bravery shop, located in the guild league, sells a few things.

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