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How to Fix Vanguard Patching Issue Error 2023

Like any other game, Valorant Vanguard Patching Issue receives regular updates to fix bugs, improve gameplay, and introduce new content. The most recent update, Valorant Vanguard Patching Issue 6.05, came with numerous fixes for Agent Gekko, but it seems to have introduced a new issue. A considerable number of players have reported that they are unable to update Valorant after applying the 6.05 patch. One of the solutions to the problem involves uninstalling Riot Vanguard, but how exactly can that be done?

How to Fix Vanguard Patching Issue Error 2023

What is Vanguard Patching Issue

If you are experiencing issues with Valorant not updating, there could be several reasons for this. Here are some potential solutions: check your internet connection, restart your computer or check for any pending Windows updates. If your computer has pending Windows updates, they may interfere with Valorant’s ability to update. Make sure you install any updates before trying to update the game. If all else fails, you can try uninstalling and then reinstalling the game. But this last step with uninstalling Riot Vanguard can be much more difficult than expected.

Vanguard Patching Issue Error

During our attempts to uninstall Riot Vanguard, we stumbled upon a helpful post that we would like to express our gratitude for. We extend our thanks to TIEStoic, a Reddit user who created the post. Here are the steps that solve our issue:

  • Press the Windows Key and type CMD (Command Prompt). 
  • It is important to run it as administrator, thus, right click the Command Prompt and choose Run as Administrator. 
  • Once the CMD window is opened type the following commands and press enter in succession: [sc delete vgc, sc delete vgk]

After that restart your computer! You’ll locate your Riot Vanguard folder in Program Files where you should delete it. Once you have successfully uninstalled both Vanguard and Valorant, you can either launch Riot client or download Valorant from the website, and then reinstall both the game and Vanguard.

Vanguard Patching Issue: Updates & Patch Notes

Valorant developer Riot Games has officially announced that a new Vanguard anti-cheat engine update is now available. Its Twitter post also mentioned that there is a chance that some may run into a known issue with the game not launching if the update is not installed properly. Vanguard is extremely hard to crack using third-party programs, making it a top-tier anti-cheat engine. While it is often referred to as one of the most intrusive anti-cheat engines, it has also proven exceptionally effective at ensuring gamers receive fair treatment while competing in Valorant.

How to Fix Vanguard Patching Issue Error 2023

Running Vanguard Vanguard Patching Issue in the background is mandatory for all players to play Valorant. Exiting or closing the application from the system’s background will force users to restart their computers until the anti-cheat engine is running properly. Sometimes, players might have to restart it more than once, as the software has a chance of bugging out at the start-up phase.

How to Fix Vanguard Patching Issue 

This is usually because Vanguard is pretty much a kernel-level software that checks into every file possible for third-party cheating applications, meaning it tries its best to keep the competitive title free of hackers and cheaters. Here is how one can fix the installation issue with the most recent Vanguard update:

  • Open your computer and launch Valorant.
  • Ensure Vanguard is open, or you will have to restart your computer again.
  • While opening Riot Clint and launching the title, a pop-up might appear regarding the update.
  • Press Yes on the pop-up to install the update. 
  • If you press No, the update will not install, and you might run into further issues.
  • If the game is glitched or not launching, re-installing the entire game should resolve the issue. 

The Riot Games Support handle on Twitter officially suggests the above method. Since there hasn’t been much talk regarding this update, it is still unknown what improvements it brings to the anti-cheat engine.

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