Punishing Gray Raven Banner List 2023

Punishing Gray Raven Banner List also marked its first game anniversary, commemorating an entire year full of exciting events and wonderfully designed Constructs, in addition to the extremely exciting Nier: Automata Collaboration. All S rank constructs will be on a specially created, limited-time banner where you will be able to 100% get the S rank Constructs of your choice in order to completely enjoy this special event.

If you’re a lover of this incredible gacha game but are unsure of what a banner in PGR or the PGR tier List is, we’re here to help. Punishing Gray Raven is a 3D post-apocalyptic and sci-fi action role-playing game. Let’s look at this Punishing Gray Raven Guide to learn more about how the banner functions in the game and the different types of banner money.

Punishing Gray Raven Banner List 2023

Working of Punishing Gray Raven Banner List

The so-called “banners” in the game provide the gacha element. Each banner has a set quantity, typically 250, of a unique money that must be used in order to draw an item from the banner. The PGR flags themselves can be divided into the following groups:

  • Self-choosing Starter firearm
  • Rotational
  • Event
  • Compositer

Most posters have a “pity hit,” as they are known. This essentially means that if you haven’t drawn a hit in XX draws, you’ll get a hit on the next pull. This level is typically 30 for item banners and 60 or 80100 for character banners. (a value between 80 and 100). The only exception to this guideline is the “compositer” banner, which has a ceiling of just 10. 

Punishing Gray Raven Banner List

The fact that there are two limits for character banners is due to the fact that, in addition to the “self-select” character banner, there are two other banners available with the same characters. The opportunity to score a strike as well as the pity barrier are what set those two banners apart. 

This means that the 80100-banner has a higher chance of randomly drawing a hit in trade for requiring more draws to receive your sympathy hit, whereas the 60100-banner gives you an assured hit sooner but has a lower chance of randomly pulling the hit before the pity hit. With rotational banners, your advancement toward the upcoming sympathy strike is passed over to the following cycle. 

Punishing Gray Raven Banner List 2023

Punishing Gray Raven Banner List Currencies

The following are the funds for the header categories:

  • Banners for “Self-Select” use blue cards. 
  • using crimson cards under the “Starter Weapon” title 
  • Banners that rotate make use of yellow cards 
  • Yellow cards are typically used by “event” signs, but occasionally they also use their own unique money.
  • Banners for “Compositer” use yellow cards
  • Black vouchers can be exchanged for any of the coins listed above.

Punishing Gray Raven 1st Anniversary Celebration Events

The Nier:Automata Collaboration Event, the Special 1st Anniversary Login Event, and the First Anniversary 100% Rate Up Banners are the three major components of Punishing Gray Raven’s 1st Anniversary Celebration Event, which is held for the length of the patch. Along with the first anniversary, Punishing Gray Raven and Nier:Automata cooperated to create incredible rewards, 3 amazing limited-time constructs (9S, A2, and 2B), and special game options. 

All participants will receive a range of prizes during the first anniversary event, including a birthday cake, 2500 unique Summoning Tickets (equivalent to 10 summons), and unique Honor Medals. You must log in for a total of 14 days during the event’s run in order to obtain all prizes. For a limited time, in addition to the login event, unique character skins or coatings will also be available. If you want to purchase coatings for your cherished characters, move quickly because this is your last chance to do so.

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