How to get Safe Code in COD Mobile 2022

Safe Code in COD Mobile at hand was made by Boundlessness Ward and is conveyed by Activision. Vital mission at hand is one of the world’s most renowned first-individual shooter games. “Ho-Ho-Hot Drops,” a new event in Call of Duty, was just held. During this event, gamers may receive a variety of fantastic goodies simply by collecting stars.

Do you want the most recent Call of Duty Mobile codes? The codes that are all as of now dynamic in the game are recorded here, alongside a counsel to assist you with winning more matches. And if you really want to get your hands on in-game clothes, gun skins, and other goodies, you won’t want to miss out on any CODM redemption codes!

How to get Safe Code in COD Mobile 2022

The Ho-Ho-Hot Drops Event

The Ho-Ho-Hot Drops Occasion Players will get Christmas boxes while playing Battle Royale Blackout Guide during this Ho-Hot Drops event. Players can open the Christmas box utilizing the Protected Code and get unbelievable awards as a Christmas present.

You’re probably wondering how to acquire the safe code to open the Christmas package in COD. Don’t worry, we’ll assist you in this situation. To unlock the Christmas box and receive the reward, simply enter the Safe Codes shown below.

How to get rewards?

During the game, you must earn 3000 stars. In Battle Royale Blackout Map, you may gain stars by collecting Christmas boxes. In multiplayer mode, your partners will get a particular number of stars in the after-activity report and a specific number of kills in the past game.

What is COD Mobile Safe Codes?

By opening the Christmas safe, players can obtain the Zero-Flocked operator skin. So you’ll need to find a Christmas box first, then a safe code, and finally the proper safe code to open the Christmas box. You will be able to obtain rewards after you open the Christmas box.

How to get Safe Code in COD Mobile

You must go to the high treasure zone and gather as many snowflakes as possible. Then you may use these snowflakes to unlock the above-mentioned goodies. For each “question mark,” you will receive a digit that you may use as a safe. You must have all six digits before you can use it as a secure code. This “Slaying all the way” event has two extra rewards: a pistol skin and an Alice character skin.

  • CHV0ZBZ86T
  • BEI25I3Y2BDI7829
  • EHEUUE73I63UT6
  • RIEJ1572HE51GE
  • NSHIW629RU2N85
  • 67VHL8XS2SZ1
  • USU261863H287E8

How to get Safe Code in COD Mobile 2022

How to Redeem Safe Code in COD Mobile

All you need to do to reclaim the COD Mobile recovery codes is follow these means:

  • Stage 1: Send off the Call of Duty Mobile Reclamation Place.
  • Stage 2: Enter your UID (client ID, which you can find in the Player Profile, under your image).
  • Stage 3: Enter your Reclaim Code and Confirmation Code (the one that shows up on the Reclamation Place page).
  • Step 4: Click the Submit button.

That’s all! Your rewards should be credited to your account within seconds. Before redeeming the COD Mobile codes, make sure you have the most recent version of the game to prevent losing the benefits (better safe than sorry, right?).

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