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Error 2b11 Call Of Duty Mobile: 5 Ways To Fix This Error!

Players are facing Error 2b11 Call Of Duty Mobile, since the new year all the user are facing this. This issue has been reported by multiple players in the previous days. When they attempt to log into COD Mobile, they all receive the identical problem message “sorry an unexpected error occurred call of duty”.

A day before this problem began to appear, Call of Duty Mobile got accidentally removed from the Apple Store. Although the iOS device issue has been resolved, might it be connected to this Error 2b11 Call Of Duty Mobile.

It’s difficult to say because the login error is a problem for gamers on both Android and iOS. So in this post, we will try to solve this Error 2b11 Call Of Duty Mobile. By using some of the tricks to solve this problem.

What Is Error 2b11 Call Of Duty Mobile?

Error 2b11 Call Of Duty Mobile

The COD Mobile Authorization Error 2b11 Call Of Duty Mobile seems to gain in popularity. Additionally, it always appears to reappear once a significant patch is released.

Players are unable to log in to play which shows “sorry an unexpected error occurred Call Of Duty”. Usually, it is related to a server fault, and there are a few potential causes of Error 2b11 Call Of Duty Mobile that seem to be plaguing people.

These are the most typical examples, though there are undoubtedly others. So let’s focus on the potential solutions that could restore your functionality.

  1. Internet connection instability.
  2. server problem.
  3. Cache data that is faulty.
  4. An upcoming software upgrade.

How to Fix The Error 2b11 Call Of Duty Mobile?

Error 2b11 Call Of Duty Mobile

There are some tricks that we can use to fix the Call Of Duty Mobile Error 2b11. Below is the following fixes:

1. Clear your Cache To Fix Error 2b11 Call Of Duty Mobile:-

It’s not a reference to weaponry this time. Your app will lock you out of the account and remove all the data files, including maps, weapons, and other items, if you empty the cache.

You can then re-download everything you require, presumably without any problems. And any corrupted files that were the cause of this Error 2b11 Call Of Duty Mobile will also be gone.

  • Open the Settings and Apps menu.
  • Launch the COD app, then select Storage.
  • Click on Clear Cache.
  • Hit Confirm after selecting Clear Data.

2. Check The Game Server Down To Fix Error 2b11 Call Of Duty Mobile:

The COD Mobile server may be unavailable or there may be a bug preventing COD Mobile from functioning. There are numerous ways to check if COD Mobile’s server is down or if the game has a Error 2b11 Call Of Duty Mobile.

Check whether there is a dramatic increase on the graph by going to downdetector Searching for COD Mobile and seeing if there is. Simply type COD Mobile down into the Twitter search bar.

Check and see if there are any fresh tweets about the subject. You have no other options in this situation, so just wait till the COD Mobile team patches the glitch or the server starts up again.

3. Reinstall The Game To Fix Error 2b11 Call Of Duty Mobile:-

You may not always be able to erase the cache for a particular app on iOS. Reinstalling the app might be your best choice if you own an Apple device.

If clearing your device’s cache didn’t fix the Error 2b11 Call Of Duty Mobile on an Android device. It’s rather simple to uninstall, and after restarting your smartphone, you can simply reinstall it by visiting the App Store or Play Store.

4. Restart The Game To Fix Error 2b11 Call Of Duty Mobile:-   

Restart the app after closing it. Verify that your internet connection is reliable. Make sure there aren’t numerous devices competing for bandwidth by performing hefty tasks.

Activision Support can be used to check if the servers are having any problems. But supposing you’ve already completed all of that. To check if you can avoid this problem, you can try a few additional strategies.

5. Check If The Game Is Suitable To Your Device :-

Verify that your device is compatible with COD Mobile. Make sure the device is suitable with COD Mobile before attempting to use COD Mobile if it doesn’t function.

Use a different device if the one you have doesn’t work with the COD Mobile. Once the issue is resolved, COD Mobile will function properly.

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