You Are Banned From Playing Online Rocket League, Unban It By This Method!

You are banned from playing online rocket league. You are getting this message whenever you try to play the online game. That means you get banned from playing Rocket League.

The reason you are you are banned from playing online rocket league you did some inappropriate in the game. The action include using foul language, using cheats, and sharing accounts. And exchanging accounts and in-game things with other players outside of the game.

However, occasionally your account could be mistakenly banned. The quickest way to get unbanned is to challenge this decision with Psyonix. However, this process could take some time. In this post, we will show you how to get unbanned from playing online game in Rocket League.

How Much Time Does It Take To Unbann From Playing Rocket League?

You Are Banned From Playing Online Rocket League

It depends on what types of ban you get in Rocket League. There are three types of ban from playing Rocket League.

  1. Harassment Bans
  2. Temporary Matchmaking Bans
  3. Account Bans

Harassment Bans:-

In Rocket League, those who use hate speech, racial slurs, or other poisonous languages will have their accounts temporarily banned from playing Rocket League. For a second offense, the game banned from playing Rocket League increased to one week from 72 hours.

A permanent game ban could be imposed for further offenders. Chat bans and game bans may be imposed on players whose accounts use less offensive harmful language, such as swear words. While Chat is Banned, you are still able to play Rocket League online.

But you are unable to utilise chat while playing. Quick Chats cannot be used without your permission. Although it is limited, Quick Chat still functions. Chat bans begin at 24 hours and can go up to 72 hours and then one month.

Temporary Matchmaking Bans:-

The first player to leave a competitive match will automatically receive a 5-minute matchmaking ban from playing Rocket League. A player will be warned in advance if they try to leave a match. A player will be given a 10-minute suspension if they quit a second game after 12 hours of the previous occurrence.

If additional Competitive matches are abandoned, the bans will increase further. Rocket League will offer a player to rejoin the game if they leave the game against their will due to a disconnect. In the event that the player doesn’t re-join, the 5-minute suspension is immediately imposed.

Since other players with in match are still impacted if you unintentionally quit a match, the Matchmaking banned from playing Rocket League, would be immediately applied.

Account Bans:-

All linked accounts share the same bans. The same ban from playing Rocket League will apply to all other related accounts. The ban won’t be lifted if the accounts are unlinked.

The ban is followed by the linking of a new platform account. The suspension will also apply to the newly linked account. The banned from playing Rocket League will only be lifted from the newly linked account when it is unlinked.

How To Get In Unban From Playing In Rocket League?

You Are Banned From Playing Online Rocket League

Regardless of the fact that a VPN makes it easy for you to circumvent a Rocket League ban by simply registering a new account with such a different IP address. It’s likely that you would prefer to continue using your primary account.

The best course of action for you, in this case, is to dispute the banned from playing Rocket League. Additionally, by challenging a ban, you may make sure that you are abiding by Psyonix’s Terms of Use.

A ban from playing Rocket League can be challenged as follows:

  • The Psyonix Support page asks you to enter the platform login information.
  • Pick a subject first, then choose your Unban Appeal form.
  • Put the information in by typing it.
  • Your real identity, location, email, or platform make up this data.
  • In the Description section, you should include a brief explanation of the situation and the rationale for your appeal.
  • Once finished, press Submit.
  • All that is left to do at this point is wait. Within a few days, you ought to hear back.
  • Don’t hold out too much hope. There is no assurance that your appeal would be granted.

How VPN Can Help You To Get Unban From Playing Rocket League?

You can unban from playing online game in Rocket League more quickly if you use a VPN. It alters your IP address so that it appears as though you are in another country.

By creating an account with no old data or files preserved. Using a VPN you can get around a Rocket League ban. It’s still a simple method to return to your original course, though.

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