Tower of Fantasy Abnormal Parameter in Request 3101

Another day-one login problem “Tower of Fantasy Abnormal Parameter in Request 3101” the servers evidently can’t keep up with the enthusiasm. Individuals love the Gacha things. “Account check parameter blunder” is one such popup you might see. Sit back and relax, your record checks out. This is what that infers and a couple of potential cures so you can plunge into the Aida anime universe at the present time.

If you’re attempting to begin your journey in Tower of Fantasy, you’re most certainly encountering one of the game’s many login troubles, such as the “Abnormal Parameter in Request 3101 error.” We now have a solution and an explanation for why this is happening.

What is the Tower of Fantasy Abnormal Parameter in Request 3101 Error

Tower of Fantasy Abnormal Parameter in Request

Abnormal Parameter in Request 3101 error seems that the servers appear to be overburdened with requests and account signups from new gamers. Assuming you’ve gotten this far into the game up until this point, it’s likely not your issue. You’ve already created an account and validated it via the game’s website or the login page.

Hotta Studio and Level Boundless know about the server issues, so kindly show restraint. You may have also noticed an in-game popup notification with the heading “Emergency Bugfix Notice.” This warning states that gamers are encountering detaching inconveniences and that a declaration will be made “when they [the problems] are tended to.”

They further state that they would compensate impacted gamers by mailing an unknown number of items to their mailboxes. These compensatory merchandise will be conveyed to our letter boxes in the span of 2 hours of the proceeding with server troubles being settled.

Abnormal Parameter in Request 3101 Tower of Fantasy Possible Fixes

Here are Abnormal Parameter in Request 3101 Tower of Fantasy possible fixes. On the off chance that you got in and see every one of the ongoing servers in the game, you’ll see that they’re undeniably set apart with a red dab close to their names. This implies that each server is as of now confronting a pause, and it will require some investment for you to get entrance. Line times likewise have all the earmarks of being crazy, for certain reports showing stand by seasons of over 24 hours.

Meanwhile, confirm your login certifications to guarantee everything is all together on your end. After then, you can simply personalize your Wanderer as you see fit. With as much you can accomplish with your character, the time you put in should finally allow you to go in and start adventuring!

How to fix Tower of Fantasy Abnormal Parameter in Request 3101 Error?

Tower of Fantasy Abnormal Parameter in Request 3101 Error

The “Abnormal Parameter in Request 3101,” like the “Login Status Special case,” “3101,” and “As of now Signed in With This Record” issues, is only an extravagant approach to demonstrating that the servers are packed. Such countless various titles for a similar issue.

Is there, be that as it may, an answer for the issue? Actually no, not an authority one. It’s not on your end, as is typical with server blackouts, so there’s very little you can do however endure it. That being said, there are a few things you can try, but they aren’t guaranteed to work, so don’t expect them to be a magic wand or anything:

  • Relaunch the Tower of Fantasy mobile app or PC game client.
  • Choose a different server than the one you’re presently attempting to connect to.
  • Select a server from a different area. Although not ideal, players have had success with this strategy.

If none of those work, you’ll just have to wait for traffic to ease down enough for you to squeeze into your selected server. Because of the excitement around Tower of Fantasy’s Western release, expect lengthier queue times for the first few days until either the developer adds extra servers or the player base thins down.

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