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Path to Nowhere Hella Interrogation 2022

Trying to assemble the best team possible? Counsel our Hella Interrogation Path to Nowhere to select the most gifted and viable pals. The game is right now accessible for download and incorporates total voice acting in English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

The Path to Nowhere Hella Interrogation Phase 1 and 2 is the market’s newest gacha game, including a unique plot, incredible music, and a diverse array of characters to acquire. As the top of the MBCC, you should detain Delinquents and utilize their capacities to forestall the end of the world in the year NF 112. Without your help, the pandemic of beast-like people will proceed.

What kind of Hella Interrogation Path to Nowhere characters exists?

Path to Nowhere Hella Interrogation

There are several types of Interrogation Path to Nowhere Hella. There are characters who have practical experience in causing a great deal of harm, like 99 or Cart, as well as troops with recuperating abilities and others with lightning-quick strikes.

Wendy is a unit designed specifically to cope with several enemies at once. If you need healers, Hamel is a great choice, or you may buy support units like Anne and Ariel to offer buffs. Hecate and Pacassi are two secret experts who just arrange enchanted assaults.

There is a class that normally incorporates EMP as a bow client. Defensive soldiers that act as shields include Peggy, K.K., and Demolia. Because there are no clearly defined categories for these Sinners, you’ll have to study each one’s profile to figure out what they’re capable of and what type of squad they’d work best in.

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Rerolling in Path to Nowhere Hella Interrogation phase 1 and 2

Path to Nowhere Hella Interrogation

Follow these methodology to Reroll in Path to Nowhere Hella Interrogation on the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea how:

  • Begin the game and go to the primary page to choose your record type.
  • Clients might utilize their Facebook, Google, Apple, or Twitter records to sign in.
  • Proceed to your profile after selecting your account type.
  • Complete the first four stages of the account mode, which are designated 1-1 through 1-5. You may now get to the mail and acquire the things expected to complete the initial five parts. Make sure you also get the Pre-Registration rewards from the main menu.
  • Reroll using the materials/rewards from the Capture area. In the event that you are disappointed with the characters you have, sign in with an alternate record type.
  • A single Reroll run will take between 20 and 25 minutes to complete.

How can I gain characters in Path to Nowhere Hella Interrogation?

Path to Nowhere Hella Interrogation is a gacha game with a draw structure and random person openings. There’s likewise a pity instrument at work, so in the event that your karma has been terrible as of late, you could get a more uncommon Delinquent. Click one of the standards in the lower pass on the corner of the fundamental menu to get more characters. You may take any banner you like from this page. Summer, for example, has just increased banner prices.

Additionally, warrants may be used to carry out arrests, giving you a new character. These may be obtained as mission rewards or bought using Hypercubes. If Path to Nowhere isn’t your cup of tea, we have plenty of excellent Android games to suggest. Check out the finest free Android games of the year, as well as some entertaining RPGs. 

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