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Nikke the Goddess of Victory Tier list Japan 2022

Here is Nikke the Goddess of Victory Tier list Japan guide in view of my own insight and study. Having a decent character will only let you advance a few more levels in the game. Individual strength is less essential than team makeup. If you enjoy Idle/Shooting games with simple controls and gorgeous gals, you should try Nikke! The game features a humorous cutscene, beautiful anime graphics, and fully spoken characters!

After much expectation and Shut Beta testing, Nikke: Goddess Of Victory is authoritatively accessible around the world! The nicest feature about Nikke is without a doubt the unique point of view of your characters during a battle with the fantastic “Eye Candy.”

You are a recently graduated Commandant in Nikke, and your job is to lead a crew of “Nikke,” which are unique half-human female units that can convey an alternate stockpile of weapons fighting against foes Robots called Despot, Raptors, etc. You will fight your direction to victory with the help of your Nikke.

Nikke the Goddess of Victory Tier list Japan

Nikke the Goddess of Victory Tier list Japan

  • Begin the game and lay out a record utilizing Gmail (not login with Gmail)
  • Start the instructional exercise (play through no less than once in the event that you are new to the game)
  • Finish Section 1 to get a free 10x call. You are guaranteed at least one SSR character here.
  • To conduct your first 10x summon, collect gems from the mailbox.

To tier list japan, make another record and add a +1, or +2 to the Gmail account you initially utilized. All check codes will in any case be shipped off the first Gmail account, killing the need to make various Gmail accounts.

(For example, if you started an account with [email protected], your first reroll will be with [email protected], your second reroll will be with [email protected], and so on.) Make sure to connect your accounts to your social accounts; their account administration might be a little shaky; I lost one of my reroll accounts as a result.

Toward the beginning of the game, the accompanying characters will assist you with progressing somewhat further. They perform well in most team compositions but may not be the best personal rating character.

Nikke the Goddess of Victory Reroll Japan

Nikke the Goddess of Victory Tier list Japan

In certain fights, you might pick Auto Fight (First Point Symbol on the Upper-Right Piece of the Screen) and Auto Burst (Second Point Symbol), permitting your Nikke’s to play all alone with an extremely phenomenal artificial intelligence that likewise modifies the Nikke reliant upon the foe.

You might in any case point Physically during Auto Fight and enact/deactivate the Protection Mode by pushing on your personality (All Nikke hide diminishing harm got).

Despite the fact that Nikke is a Portrait game, you can play it in widescreen mode with LDPlayer’s “Force Landscape Mode” function! For optimal settings, follow this guide! This way, you can see all of your Nikke’s in the battleground at the same time, see where all of your enemies are coming from, and enjoy the game at fantastic HD graphics and 120 FPS while ignoring any battery consumption issues or FPS drops on your phone! Download LDPlayer now and enjoy the best Nikke experience!

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