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k0nfig Malta Fist Fight – The CS:GO World Reacts

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If you’re an avid follower of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you’ll know who Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke is. This Danish professional has been a mainstay of the Astralis since 2021. Before then, he enjoyed a two-year tenure with Complexity Gaming. For many, k0nfig has been seen as a leading light of the CSGO world. However, recent controversies behind the scenes have cast a dark cloud over the future of this rising star.

Astralis Releases k0nfig From His Contract

Back on October 10, Astralis released a statement announcing that k0nfig was to be released from his player contract early. Kasper Hvidt, Director of Sports for Astralis, put the issue down to personal issues, citing ongoing problems with k0nfig’s private life as the reason behind his departure from the CSGO players and CSGO team line-up.

Initially, k0nfig seemed to concur with this statement. Things seemed amicable between the two parties, with the press release suggesting that lengthy discussions had occurred before both arrived at the same conclusion. However, recent developments have cast doubt on this statement, suggesting something else had occurred to push k0nfig from his into departing the team earlier than planned.

Fisticuffs in Malta

Back in September, Astralis announced that k0nfig wouldn’t be joining the starting lineup of the team due to an unexpected injury. Initially, details were thin on the ground, although rumors quickly circulated that the star player had been involved in an altercation in Malta. Some reports suggest that k0nfig lost his cool after a humiliating ESL loss against Heroic, although the player was quick to dismiss such suggestions.

For a couple of weeks, both k0nfig and Astralis remained tightlipped about the real reasons behind his injury and his early release from the team. However, k0nfig has since taken to Twitter to reveal his version of the events.

According to the former Astralis star, he came to blows with a nightclub promoter in Malta, claiming he was the victim of physical and verbal abuse. k0nfig claims he was refused entry to the nightclub he had been partying at with friends, with a security guard demanding 5000 euros. When k0nfig refused the request, he claims he was spat on, then set on by the security guard in question.

Later, k0nfig reports he saw his attacker in the street. Seeing red, he set upon his attacker, with the altercation quickly descending into anarchy. Once the dust had settled, k0nfig ended up with a dislocated foot and broken leg. He’s required several surgeries to repair his injuries, while his mental health has taken a significant knock.

Will k0nfig Return to Astralis?

Now that Astralis has made it official that k0nfig has been dropped from his contract, it’s unlikely that he’ll return to the fold anytime soon. However, his recent announcement and partial admission of guilt may go a long way in making him an attractive prospect to other teams. For the past couple of years, he’s been a top-tier AWPer in the CSGO world and it’s almost certain that rival teams will be looking to him as a potential signing.

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