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Sssniperwolf Fortnite: YouTube Sensation Biography

Sssniperwolf Fortnite:  Sssniperwolf is a famous name in the gaming world. Sssniperwolf is a famous YouTube blogger. Basically, she is a British American YouTube Star popular for her reaction videos and giving videos on YouTube. First, she started streaming the gaming videos on YouTube channel but after gaining success in those videos she brought reaction videos on her channel full stop this make her more popular among the British American audiences and worldwide audience. She especially streams call of duty videos on her YouTube channel.

In this article, we will be talking about Sniper wolf. A young girl who set an example for girl empowerment and girl power in society. So without any further ado let’s get started.

About SssniperWolf Fortnite

  • Name – Alia Shelesh
  • Famous Name – Sssniperwolf
  • Date of birth – October 22, 1992
  • Nationality – British
  • Alma Status – Unknown
  • Talent Agency – Unknown

Many people wonder that how Sniper wolf got this name. The story behind her name is she got her nickname Sssniperwolf from a character Sssniperwolf one of the lead antagonists of Metal Gear Solid. YouTube SssniperWolf’s real name is Alia Shelesh.

Alia was born in 1992 in Liverpool in the United Kingdom. She belongs to Greek and Turkish descent. Currently she is 28 year old. She is a British by nationality. She is actively working on YouTube since 2013.

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SssniperWolf Fortnite: Body Measurements

SssniperWolf Fortnite
SssniperWolf Fortnite

She is 5 feet 4 inches tall in height. Her weight is 52 kg. Her eye color is dark brown. Alia’s natural hair color is black. She is white in ethnicity.

SssniperWolf Fortnite: Personal Information

According to the report when she was very young her parents brought her a Playstation and after playing with PlayStation she has never looked back.

Sniper reacts sign is Libra. Talking about her marital status she is unmarried right now. Is currently dating a boy name Evan sausage.

Sssniperwolf net worth income is $4000000 approximately.

SssniperWolf Fortnite: Social Media Facts

SssniperWolf Fortnite

She is quite famous on social media like Instagram.She has 5.1 million followers on Instagram right now. On Twitter, she has 1 million followers and on Tiktok she has 16.8 million followers. Next coming to YouTube with is the main source of income for her she has more than 29.3 million subscribers on YouTube.

She has a second YouTube channel titled Little Lia Wolf with more than 3.59 million subscribers. After starting her YouTube channel in past 2013 and has millions of followers and more than 15 Billion lifetime accounts views.

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First she started playing Call of Duty alot to start her channel. But what happened in 2017 she shifted her channel main focus a b and now she also create reaction videos and do-it-yourself videos in addition. Also broke the record and became the most subscribed female content channel in English.

More about Sssniperwolf

Talking about the second YouTube channel it mainly focuses on art and craft and d i y projects and more. On Instagram post very interesting stories related to anime cosplay costume photos as well as general lifestyles content. Also now she is working with many famous brands like Disney Ubisoft and many more.

Like a famous YouTuber and a queen of Hearts she also has some issues, full stop in 2016 liya was issued after she said he was a convicted sex offender. The following year the defamation case was dismissed due to insufficient proof. She was also arrested for hitting a security guard and resisted an arrest warrant. She was in prison for two days and the charge was brought down to a misdemeanor.

SssniperWolf Fortnite: Awards

SssniperWolf Fortnite

In 2019 Sniper wolf was nominated for a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award for the favorite gamer.

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SssniperWolf Fortnite: Hobbies

Focusing on her hobbies she is fond of traveling photography shopping and one of our favorite think-playing games.

4 Facts You May Not Know About Sssniperwolf Fortnite

SssniperWolf Fortnite
SssniperWolf Fortnite

Rising YouTube sensation Sniper wolf is one of the Epic chicks. The internet star whose real name lia. She is nearly hitting more than 4 million subscribers on YouTube.

1. Born on kids

Sssniperwolf was born in England but after her two little brother were born her family relocated to Arizona where she currently lives.

2. College Isn’t For Everyone

After finishing High School 1 semester early Sssniperwolf attend’s local community college classes but hated the experience. She revealed that she sufferers rudeness from instructors and fellow students alike transfer to a University to study pharmacy instead.

However, she revealed that she didn’t much care of the chemistry classes that came with the track so she dipped her toe in nursing, before taking a break from academia altogether. She revealed that she was given her mother’s blessing to take some time off but only if she was able to make more money by working within a year time then she would have if she had graduated and landed a job.

3. Digital Love story

Amid her rise to Fame, Sniper wolf got a message from fellow YouTube user Evan sausage that made her laugh. They quickly developed an online report full stop eventually they met and actually bought a house together. She admitted that their relationship begin with some rough patches and growing pains and ended the cyber storybook Romance hasn’t had a Happy Ending yet because the pair reportedly broke up in May 2016 got back Together by June and then split up in September. But Sniper wolf claimed that they were broken up but still living together as friends on good terms.

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4. No thanks, Nudity

Rumors have long circulated that Sniper wolf has been offered money to star in p*** and when she contacted the site p****** on Twitter some Twitter users speculated that she was about to film a raunchy video at long last. But she shot the rumour down in just a few words.

At last we can only say that Lia has proved that a girl can also play video games alike boys and even they can play games better than boys. Not only is this the place she seasons, now nobody can touch easily at a young age but she did it very well, and also she gained a massive fan following for her gaming skills. Mainly the players who play call of duty and Fortnite are big fans of Sssniperwolf Fortnite.

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