Zombies 3 Ending Explained

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Paul Hoen's delightful Disney feature, Zombies 3, was just released on July 15, 2022, on Disney+. The light-hearted take on inclusion, love, and friendship.

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Zombies 3: Release Date 

Zombies 3 followed several crises, including an alien invasion and Zed's dreams of becoming the first Zombie to attend college.

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Zombies 3: Reviews 

One of the central plotlines of Zombies 3 followed the quest of the aliens, led by the brilliant A-spen (Terry Hu).

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Zombie 3: Ending I

The final moments of Zombies 3 saw Addison and the other aliens arriving in Seabrook during the graduation party.

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Zombies 3 ended with Addison and Zed reuniting after a brief period of separation.  

The beautiful film has yet again succeeded in depicting healthy love and friendship, something that has become a trademark of the Zombies films.

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Zombie 3: Ending II

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