What is the next skin in MLBB December Starlight 2023?

The next MLBB December Starlight 2023 skin has been confirmed for the Melissa Hero. In the Free Skin event, Mobile Legends release a skin every month for the hero they select. And for December Starlight 2023, they will release skin for Melissa. Skin will be going to be amazing and attractive for the players. In additional to the December 2023 starlight skin MLBB, they also giveaways many items and rewards.

And here in this article we will discover all the rewards and item in MLBB December Starlight 2023 with the skin. As many of you want to know when will the screen be released, we will also cover this in this article. We will tell you the name of the skin and how you can get it. Players who want to know all this, then keep reading this article.

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What Is The Name Of The Skin In MLBB December Starlight 2023?

MLBB confirmed that they will release new skin for Melissa in December 2023. The name of the skin is Nightwalker which features dark and mysterious designs, and it is looking very amazing. New hero in Mobile Legend but it becomes popular very quickly in the game and many players pick her for both rank matches and casual matches. I think that’s why they decided to give Melissa a new skin that can complement her Unix place style and powerful abilities which make valuable asset for the player.

Melissa Nightwalker skin Mobile Legends gives the new look. She wears a dark purple and black outfit with black hair and style like a ponytail. They also give her doll Muddles a new look that matches her look. Which includes the same dress color and also changes their facial expressions in Melissa Nightwalker’s skin Mobile Legends bang bang.

MLBB December Starlight 2023

Nightwalker skin MLBB also gives new animations and sound for her, and her attacks will now have a purple glow when she hit someone. Complementing Melissa Nightwalker’s skin Mobile Legends tune all the items she used with her new skin such that when she summons the drones it will appear purple as thus dress color.

The Nightwalker skin gives Melissa a completely new look. Her hair is now black and styled in a ponytail, and she wears a dark purple and black outfit. Her doll, Muddles, has also been given a makeover, with a dark purple dress and a new expression on its face. And for her second skills which is the model the destroyer will also get new animation shows when she uses her new doll she will jump into air and slamming down in the ground. Take care of every single detail for Melissa’s skin on MLBB December Starlight 2023.

MLBB November Starlight 2023

When will the MLBB December 2023 Starlight Skin be released?

December Starlight 2023 skin Nightwalker going to be released on day first of December 2023. In addition to Nightwalker skin MLBB, they also give away varieties of rewards such as Starlight Sacred Statue, Starlight Budge, Rebellious Needle, Basic skin chest, Crystal of Aurora, star projection card, and many more. I have only knowledge of this many rewards right now but there are additional modes which we will know when MLBB December Starlight 2023 released.

How much does the Mobile Legend December 2023 Starlight Pass cost?

If you want to get Mobile Legend December 2023 Starlight skin then you have to purchase pass which will cost you 550 diamonds. It is available to purchase at start of each month and cost you 550 diamonds. Once you purchase the pass for Mobile Legend December 2023 Starlight, you will be eligible for another exclusive reward for December month.

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