Death Must Die Unlock Characters: Know All About It!

Death Must Die Unlock Characters: The game was recently released and has a positive review from critics and players. And to unlock the Death Must Die characters players need to complete some challenges or solve puzzles. There are only two characters in Death Must Die that are unlocked in the game at this time. And to get this to character you have to unlock them.

Here in this article, we will discuss all passive achievements and abilities of all Death Must Die Characters, including those to unlock characters that you can use now. We will give you a full analysis of those characters and also guide you on how to use them. This article will be informative which help you to understand the characters’ abilities and make it easy for you to use them.

Death Must Die Unlock Characters

How Many Types Of Characters In Death Must Die Game?

If we see there are five types of characters in Death Must Die, who have different abilities. Here are the analysis of each character you can use in the game.

Knight: He is a traditional character who is mainly created to take damage and protect Alice. His attack is Melee Arc who get deals damage to all the enemies who are in front of him. They have very heavy armor which protects them from damage but at the same time, it also slows down their speed.

Sorceress: They are the range attackers who have light armor and deal damage from a distance. The attack on a range can be murdered in varieties variety of ways to change its properties. Having light armor is a disadvantage but it also allows them to move faster than other characters.

Assassins: They are the main characters who can damage multiple enemies at the same time. They are mid-range attackers that day used to evade enemies’ attacks. They also have light armor which makes them vulnerable and allows them to move quickly in between the battle.

Barbarian: They are the melee characters who deal damage to the enemies around them. There was a Melee AoE attack which day used to clear a bunch of enemies in the battle.

Warrior: They are also a melee character who deals damage to a large group of enemies. Mainly there are spell casters who make them more effective than the knights. They are the only ones who have medium armor which makes them less tough than a knight but also allows them to move quickly.

Death Must Die Unlock Characters

Death Must Die Unlock Characters:-

There are only two Death Must Die unlock characters which is unlocked at this time. The first character is Reaper and the second character is Valkyrie. Let’s see more about them and how to unlock them to use in the game.

Reaper: He is the fast-paced character in Death Must Die having a close-quarter combat speciality. He is armed with a pair of Scythes which he can use to dispatch the enemy quickly. To unlock the reaper you have to complete the game on any difficulty.

Valkyrie: they are very versatile characters in Death Must Die and are mainly used in a variety of situations. They have Shields and Armor which they use in combat and also able to cast spells on their enemies. To unlock the value you have to achieve a 100% completion rate of all levels.

Death Must Die Unlock Characters


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