Rocket League Not Finding Matches : Fix Now

Rocket League Not Finding Matches: The latest update, which you might have recently noticed if you are from the gaming side and if you are a keen observer of updates and errors in the gaming sector, and a lot of players, if not everyone, have something to experience in Rocket League, an error which is not frequently seen in such games, is being faced now in Rocket League Not Finding Matches.

From Version Mismatch to Rocket League Error #42 and whatnot, players are not having a good time with Rocket League and are having a very bad experience while selecting for matches. But now, as you have come to the perfect place in your quest for the solution to this issue, which we have provided in the article.

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The game was released around 5 years back the game has now acquired a mass following and love from the players from all across the globe, what else has helped the game to get success is the timely updates and the rewards and new features the game has added in Rocket League Not Finding Matches.

Spring Split Suite Rocket League
Rocket League Not Finding Matches

What is rocket league error #42:

In recent times, players have usually and frequently seen a message displaying error #42 and Version Mismatch in mostly PC platforms, so here we have the solution to fix this issue, as one of the reasons for this error can be due to performance issues so firstly let’s try to fix it out, performance issue refers to the fault from your side and the developers can’t be held accountable as your PC is unable to load the title fast enough so for this try to be sure enough that your PC works fast enough and meets the basic criteria and have the hardware recommendation for the game to run smoothly.

Try Shutting Down Rocket League: Rocket League Not Finding Matches

Experiencing frequent clashes is also something we might have observed in the game, corrupted game files or corrupt cache data is something to blame for this and shutting down the game and then starting it again may resolve the issue temporarily but for the permanent solution you need to find and delete the corrupted cache data of the game for Rocket League Not Finding Matches, which can be done by following some easy step:

Step 1: Go to Documents
Step 2: Click on the option of ‘MY GAMES’.
Step 3: Select ‘ROCKET LEAGUE’
Step 4: Get to the ‘TAGame’
Step 5: The last step is to delete the cache.

Rocket League Mismatch Of Version: Two messages which we have not discussed till now, the players have seen the message of either ‘Rocket League Version Mismatch’ or ‘Rocket League not finding matches’ after a new update comes out or is brought in the game by the developers.

Rocket League Not Finding Matches
Rocket League Not Finding Matches

The solution here is easy, the only thing that you need to do here is to get and download the latest version of the Rocket League Update from the official sources. If not updated and the latest version is not downloaded you may be stuck with this bug and the error issue message will be displayed and the players will be encountered with the same message again and over again in Rocket League Not Finding Matches.

Steps to fix the issue completely:

Steps Here for completely restarting the game and fixing this issue to the core are:

Step 1: Look at the right side of the screen and in lower part you will find the “Show Hidden Icon” option and you need to click on it.

Step 2: Get the “Steam” Button and a right click on the button.

Step 3: Click “Exit” and get back.

Step 4: Now Start the game again and there you go the issue is fixed in Rocket League Not Finding Matches.

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