How to fix Lag and Packet Burst Issues in Modern Warfare 3 – Fix Guide!

Lag and Packet Burst Issues in Modern Warfare 3: Modern Warfare 3 was recently released in Call of Duty but players are now finding lag and packet burst issues in the game. It is very frustrating to experience the legging shuttering and other issues that will your gaming experience. The reasons are not accurate for every player and I don’t know weather the developers are aware of this issue or not.

Packet burst problems arrive in MW3 when there is a sudden increase in the number of packages being transmitted and received. Which causes data loss and network errors in the game. However, here in this article, we will tell you some possible reasons that may cause lag and packet burst issues in Modern Warfare 3.

Lag and Packet Burst Issues in Modern Warfare 3

Lag and Packet Burst Issues in Modern Warfare 3 – Possible Cause?

Many factors contribute to the packet burst problems in COD MW3. Here are some possible reasons which make sense that this may be the reason for this problem.

  1. The first reason may the Network Congestion, where too many devices trying to use the internet at the same time which may cause an overload in network and the Packet Burst Problems.
  2. The second problem may be in ISP, which is the technical problem or we can say outrage which leads to Packet Burst problems.
  3. The third problem may be in the In-game settings like crossplay and match search regions that can affect the connection and the packet burst problems that occur.
  4. Hardware Issues may also cause lag and pocket bursts in Modern Warfare 3. The issue in the router’s damaged ethernet cable or an outdated network drive can also be the factor of this packet burst problem in COD MW3.

Lag and Packet Burst Issues in Modern Warfare 3

How To Fix Lag and Packet Burst Issues in COD Modern Warfare 3?

If you are having packet burst problems in COD MW3 then sum up this troubleshoots and tell us which one helps you to fix your issue.

  1. First restart your router or modem by simply turning it off and On. It will refresh your Internet connection and clear up all the Internet congestion issues.
  2. In the second solution sure to check your ISP outrage verify that you have experienced outrage or technical difficulty and fix the ISP.
  3. The third troubleshooting is to optimize your in-game settings, cross-play, and adjust the match search region to the close region. And see whether it fixes the lag and packet burst problems in Modern Warfare 3.
  4. In the fourth solution switch from a wireless connection to a wired connection. This will give you a more stable network connection than the Wi-Fi and may fix Packet Burst Problems.

Lag and Packet Burst Issues in Modern Warfare 3


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