How To Get Chromatic Cell Roboquest: Full Guide! #2

Chromatic Cell Roboquest is an important item in the game that is used to unlock the Elementalist class. Where elementalist is a powerful artefact which having four essential elements fire eyes lighting an Earth. Which makes it very important in the game. The chromatic cell Roboquest is used to switch between the four elements anytime and anywhere you want.

This ability has a very wide range so many players want to know how to get Roboquest Chromatic Cell. Here in this article, we will discuss all about the location of the chromatic cell and how to get it. We will guide you through every step and make you get this amazing key element in the game.

Chromatic Cell Roboquest

Where To Find Chromatic Cell Roboquest?

Chromatic Cell Roboquest is found in the law of door of energy centre which is at the start of the game. You have to unlock the door to get Roboquest Chromatic Cell. You will need a 6-digit key which will be found in the tech lab.

The tech lab is located in the Energy Centre Check Point area, first, reach the Energy Center Checkpoint area then find the tech lab. You will get the 6-digit key in the tech lab and then you have to go to the locked door in the energy center and unlock it. Once you unlock the door you will get Chromatic Cell Roboquest.

Chromatic Cell Roboquest

How To Get Roboquest Chromatic Cell?

As I said chromatic cell is found in the locked door of the energy center area. To unlock the door you need a 6-digit key which is found in the declaration. No, let’s see how to find a 6-digit key in the tech lab. Here I will give you brief instructions to get the Chromatic Cell Roboquest. Simply follow the instructions step by step and you will get the Roboquest Chromatic Cell:

Finding The 6-Digit Key:

  • In the Quarry secret area you will find the attack lab key.
  • Just go to the field checkpoint and use the key to unlock the tech room.
  • Can you unlock the tech room you will find a machine with element ores, by shooting it with element to change its color.
  • When you change the color of the ore the displace screen will change accordingly. This means every time you change the color the screen color will automatically change.
  • Then write down all 6 numbers and by this, you will get a 6-digit key to unlock the locked door where you find a Chromatic Cell Roboquest.

Chromatic Cell Roboquest

Unlock The Locked Door Where We Get The Chromatic Cell:

  • Reached the energy center with the 6-digit key to unlock the door.
  • Find the lock door and the keypad where you have to enter the 6-digit code.
  • Enter the 6-digit code and unlock the door.
  • Inside the door you will find the Chromatic Cell Roboquest.
  • After that go to heaven and talk to the class master where you can unlock the Elementalist class and use all for elements in the game.


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