Dr Ratio Kit Honkai Star Rail: Abilities, Release Date & How To Use It!

Dr Ratio Kit Honkai Star Rail: Since the Leaks of Dr.Ratio Honkai star rail came all players want to know what will they get in the kit. Dr Ratio is a five star imaginary character in Honkai Star Rail. Dr ratio kit is a specialist of dealing massive damage to a single enemy target.

This is literally going to be exciting to see what we will get under the Dr ratio kit Honkai Star Rail and also how to get it. Whether we have to purchase it from the items of, we have to complete some challenges to get this 5 star imaginary element character in Honkai Star Rail.

Here in this article we will discuss all about Dr ratio kit Honkai Star Rail and see how to use it. So if you want to know some new things about Dr ratio then you should read this article.

Dr Ratio Kit Honkai Star Rail

What’s In Dr Ratio Kit Honkai Star Rail?

Dr.ratio Honkai Star Rail Is an amazing character with 5-star rating in the game. He could deal a message damage to the enemy with a single target. Dr ratio kit is mainly focusing on debuffing enemies and buffing himself, who is making a powerful character in the team. If you talk about the kit of Dr Ratio in Honkai Star Rail, you will get to know many things given in the below paragraph.

Basic Attack:

It is one of the ability of Dr Ratio in Honkai Star Rail which deals imaginary damage to single enemy.

Dr.Ratio Skill:

Ratio Check: This kill of Dr Ratio is used to apply deep of which reduce the ART and SPD when it deals imaginary damage to a single enemy. And this imaginary damage by Ratio Check will increase if the enemy have any negative effects.


The second skill of in Dr Ratio Kit Honkai Star Rail is ultimate massive damage to the single enemy and the increase in ratio is totally depending up on the numbers of negative effect on the enemy.

Dr.Ratio Talent:

In Dr.Ratio Talent as a random ratio which have a chance to give him one of any five buff which is ATK, CRIT, CRIT DMG, and SPD only when Dr Ratio uses his skills and basic attacks.


The technique taunts the target and decreases his SPD.

Dr Ratio Kit Honkai Star Rail

How to Use Dr.Ratio Honkai Star Rail?

Dr.Ratio is the best team member who debugs the enemy and buff his damage. If you want to use his abilities properly, then you should use his ultimate and skills to defeat the enemies when your tram members debuffed the enemy.

  • Use his skill for ratio check.
  • Use his technique for ratio taunt.
  • Use him in the team to use debuff on the enemies


Overall, Dr Ratio Kit Honkai Star Rail is very powerful character which every player want to add in his team. His kit is perfect for every player who want to win the challenges. To make sure to use it once it gets release. If you don’t know the release date then here this out, the date is not confirmed by the game officials.

But there is a leak who says that Dr Ratio Kit Honkai Star Rail will release on December 2023. But keep one thing in mind that this is not a confirmation date as it maybe extend, so wait for the official announcement for the release date.

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