Phasmophobia Sack of Beans: Location & How To Collect?

Phasmophobia Sack of Beans: Have you found all the recipe ingredients to complete Phasmophobia Halloween Event? And there are total of 9 ingredients to make a recipe on Halloween event in Phasmophobia. And all the ingredients are scattered all over the final stage map on the Maple Lodge Campsite.

However, many of you already collect some of the ingredients from the map, but the majority of players having difficulty to find Phasmophobia Sack of Beans. They are not aware about the location of sack of beans in Phasmophobia. But don’t worry, in this article we will help you find Phasmophobia sack of beans, I giving you the exact location. We will also guide you to the Phasmophobia Sack of Beans, so speak with this article and get the Sack Of Beans.

Phasmophobia Sack of Beans

Phasmophobia Sack of Beans: Halloween Event:-

To complete Phasmophobia Halloween Event, you have to collect all 9 ingredients near the cauldron in order to make the recipe. As somewhere easily found and for others recipe players having difficulty to finding them. And one of the racer ingredient is sack of beans which many players having difficulty to get their hand on it. As you have to find total three pack of beans in particular locations and the location has been unknown for many of us.

Phasmophobia Sack of Beans

Phasmophobia Sack of Beans: Location & How to get it?

You will get Phasmophobia Sack of Beans on the fold up table in the tent at the cauldron on Maple Lodge Campsite map. In this location, you need to collect three beanbags and place in near the cauldron. To know the exact location, find where the green smoke is coming out. Head towards you see the green smoke, you will see Phasmophobia Sack of Beans. Collect those beanbags and move forward to find the next ingredients.

Phasmophobia Sack of Beans

All Other Ingredients in Phasmophobia Halloween Event:-

If you have difficulty to find other ingredient to complete Phasmophobia Halloween Event 2023. So here are all the to location of ingredients to make recipe. I give all 9 ingredients location, just find where which ingredients you didn’t get yet and collect it to brew recipe.

Phasmophobia Sack of Beans

  • Bowl of Grins: You will get bowl of grins in the kitchen on Tanglewood street map.
  • Deaths Rot: You have to collect three deaths rot. They found on the open box in the storage area on Maple Lodge Campsite map.
  • Toe of Frog: You will find Teo of frog on the Lodge Campsite map in the reception at the top of monitor.
  • Light in the Dark: you don’t need to find because you have flash in your hand.
  • Jar of Mind: you will find jar of mind on the Maple Lodge Campsite map. At the top of draw which is next to the main reception table.
  • Screaming Skull: you will find a screaming skull on the Brownstone High School map.
  • Love’s Blossom: You will find Love’s Blossom in the bedroom on Willow Street House map.
  • Eye of Bear: You have to collect two eyes of bear. Eye of Bear also be fine in the bedroom but on Bleasdale Farmhouse map.

And this is the location of online ingredients to give recipe once you collect all the ingredients then pour it in the cauldron. After boring all the ingredients, you complete Phasmophobia Halloween Event, and eligible for the reward.


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