Diablo IV Patch 1.2.1: (Training Dummies, Paragon Reset, Bug Fixes)

Listing to the players, Diablo IV releases new patch which is called Diablo IV Patch 1.2.1 which fix all the possible issue occurs in the game, which will give plays more smooth gameplay experience. Diablo IV is focused on the feedback given by player and according to this feedback they are doing Improvement in the game. They know if you get better experience in the game, they will never get bored while playing.

As they keep all feedback in their mind and solve almost all the bugs in Diablo IV. If you didn’t show Diablo IV Patch Notes 1.2.1, don’t worry, in this article you will get to know about it. In this Diablo IV 1.2.1 Patch you will see new event, Training Dummies, Paragon Reset, Bug Fixes and more. And these fixes are for the platform including PC, Xbox, PlayStation.

Diablo IV Patch 1.2.1

Training Dummies Added in Diablo IV Patch 1.2.1:-

Diablo IV Patch 1.2.1 added one new feature where you can test your aiming skill and improve it. The future name is training dummy, which is located in Kyovashad. An underground training rooms where you get stacks and training dummies to train.

Along with it having a difficulty points, normal Elite and Boss monster difficulties. You can also choose whether you want to attack on one training dummy or a group of them. I think it is a great way to find out how much aming skill we have and where we have to improve to progress in the game.

Diablo IV Patch 1.2.1

Paragon Reset:

Diablo IV Patch Notes 1.2.1 added all Refund button to Paragon Boards in Diablo lV.

All Bug Fixes in Diablo IV Patch 1.2.1:-

Diablo IV Patch 1.2.1 fixes all the bug reported by players. The bug is related to Accessibility, Gameplay, Quests, Season of Blood and User Interface and User Experience. We will see only main bug fixes in Diablo IV, if you want to see all of them then you should visit the official page.

Diablo IV Patch 1.2.1


  • Fixed the bug in Shrine Buffs were it not apply when player turn on mounted.
  • Fixed a bug in Temerity where it’s only applied an overheal barrier at its full health.
  • Fixed the monsters spawned issues in Diablo IV 1.2.1 patch notes.
  • Fixed the bug in Sorcerer’s Ice Shards skill where is missed the short target.
  • Fixed the issue with AOE (Area Of Effect) damage.
  • Fixed all bugs in Aspect of Artful Initiative.
  • Fixed the bug where you are not able to revive your party members.



  • Fixed the bug Hunter’s Acclaim title where the screen write is bot able to read fully.


User Interface and User Experience Improvement:

  • Fixed the problem in Stash icon were is many towns are missing on the map.
  • Fixed the bug occur in Achievement progression percentage.
  • Fixed a problem when player kill monster with Metamorphosis and not get soul stack.
  • Fixed the all bug occurred while using tooltip.
  • Fixed the issue in Social Wheel actions where emotes, trade not working in the Immunity bubble.
  • Fixed the bug where completion pop-up did not show correct image.
  • Fixed the bug occur in Campfire Buff description.

Note: I just give short information of this bug fixes, and this is not complete big fixes. The Diablo IV Patch Notes 1.2.1 also fixes bug occur Quests and Season of Blood. If you want to see what improvement is done and should see on their official page.

Diablo IV Patch 1.2.1


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