How to Get Under Construction Gold in Spider Man 2: Mysterium Questline Challenge!

How to Get Under Construction Gold in Spider Man 2: Under Construction Gold is one of the nine challenges given you in the Mysterium questline. Mysterious questline is a series of 9 challenges given by a villain named Mysterio in Spider-Man 2 video game. Spider-Man 2 is recently released video game with amazing storyline and gameplay and players are loving this.

In the Mysterium questline you will be given a series of 9 challenges by the Mysterio. You have to complete all this challenges as quick as possible in order to earn tokens. How to Get Under Construction Gold in Spider-Man 2 is one of the nine challenges you have to complete to get Gold.

In this article, we will explain about this Under Construction challenge and also guide you to how you can complete Under Construction Gold Challenge in Spider-Man 2. As this challenge is not very difficult, and I think everyone can complete it easily if they understand. So in order to understand or complete the challenge, stick with the article.

Under Construction Gold in Spider Man 2

Under Construction Gold in Spider Man 2:-

Before moving further, let’s know more about Mysterium questline and their 9 Challenges. Mysterious questline is an amazing series of challenges which will reward experience for the player. Mysterium questline is designed to take advantage of Miles Morales unique abilities.

Which is very useful for completing some of the Mysterium challenges. If you don’t know Miles Morales, it is a playable character in Spider-Man 2 which have a unique ability such as Venom blast an invisibility. As Miles, Morales is giving challenge in the Mysterium questline challenges.

Under Construction Gold in Spider Man 2

How to Get Under Construction Gold in Spider-Man 2?

Under construction Gold is a challenge where you have to defeat 20 enemies in 1 minute. If you defeat 20 enemies in more than 1 minute, then you will get silver or bronze. In order to get Gold rank, players have to defeat 20 enemies in a minute, but it must be a little difficult.

As you will not get all 20 enemies in a same place as, so they’re scattered in a distance. You have to be fast and an efficient transversal to save your time and complete the challenge in a minute.

While completing Under Construction Gold Challenge you should also take care of Mysterio because when you almost complete the challenge he will interrupt you by floating the area with poison which will reduce your health points. So before completing the challenge, keep your eye in every corner to avoid any difficulties.

Under Construction Gold in Spider Man 2

Step-By-Step Guide To Complete Under Construction Challenge In Mysterium Questline:-

However, if you found difficulty to complete under construction gold Spider-Man 2 challenge then take this guide. Follow step-by-step instructions and you will surely complete the challenge.

  1. When you start mysterious question and challenge, use your traversal abilities to get your first enemy group quickly.
  2. Use your gadget to take down the first group of enemies and once you defeat the first group then again use your transversal abilities to get the next group.
  3. Then repeat the steps 2 to 3 times until you defeat 20 enemies in a minute.
  4. Said earlier that when you defeat 10 to 15 enemies, Mysterio will interrupt by suddenly attack on you.


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