How To Farm The Front Inorganic Salt? – Full Guide!

I saw some discussion about the Front Inorganic Salt on steam community. Where player are discussing that how they can farm Inorganic Salt in the game. As the front inorganic salt is very valuable resource which is used to craft many things includes crystal walls, floors, chandeliers arrows, spears, battle axes and even many potions.

However, players are suggesting their own way to farm inorganic salt and here in this article we will share you all the possible ways to get salt ore. We will guide you through how to get the Front Inorganic Salt and how to use it.

The Front Inorganic Salt

Why The Front Inorganic Salt In Important?

The Front Inorganic Salt is a valuable resource in the game Valheim. Inorganic Salt in the front is used to craft various things, such as:

  • Crystal walls and floors
  • Crystal chandeliers
  • Crystal goblets
  • Crystal battleaxes
  • Crystal spears
  • Crystal arrows

Only crafting the inorganic salt or is also used to make varieties potions such as:

  • Hardening potion
  • Poison resistance potion
  • Stamina potion
  • Frost resistance potion
  • Fire resistance potion

Therefore, players are in search of the front inorganic salt, but to get this solved over is not simple as you think full stop there are two main ways to get the front inorganic salt ore. The first method is smelting stone in a forge is the easiest method where you have to do very fewer efforts, but it is also very less efficient.

The second method is mining salt or at the k11 salt mine, but it is a tough way to get there as the enemies are guiding the mind, and they will not allow you to enter. Either you have to fight with them and defeat them, or you have to hide from them and collect salt or from the mine. The second choice may be difficult, but it will get you up to 800 inorganic salt or and upgraded iron pickaxes also.

The Front Inorganic Salt

How To Farm The Front Inorganic Salt?

There are two main method to farm The Front Inorganic Salt in the game. Here are the both ways given below:

1. Smelting Stone In A Forge:

For smelting stone in a forge, you will need stone which will get from the ground and mine with a pickaxe. After that, you have to craft a stone furnace to force the stone. Once you craft the stone furnace, then add some Woods at the consumable bar and stone to the inventory bar on the right.

After that, pick the advanced refinement recipe to craft the inorganic salt ore. It is the easiest method as you do not want to fight with any enemies, you simply need to collect stone and craft a stone furnace and craft the front inorganic salt.

2. Mining Salt Ore At The K11 Salt Mine:

Like I said, the second way to farm the front inorganic salt is little difficult but not impossible. You have to mine salt ore at the K11 salt mine. Starting, make sure to equity and iron or a black metal pickaxe. Once you equip both, then go to the K11 salt mine, which is located at the co-ordinate K11 in the map.

Once you reach at the K11 salt mine, you will see the enemies guarding the mind. You have to mind the solved over deposit and return to your base to smelt it in the forge. Once you do it, you will get the front inorganic salt.

The Front Inorganic Salt

If you want to complete this task first, then sneak past the garden enemies or use range attacks to defeat them. You can also build a new portal just beside the mind to make it easier to take back the salt in the base. To clear the rubble blocking from some of the salt or deposit you can use hammer.


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