How to get refund for Forza Motorsport purchased from Microsoft store or Xbox app?

Refund for Forza Motorsport Purchased: Forza Motorsport is a famous racing game created by Turn 10 Studios. It is published by Xbox games studio, having a realistic graphics physics and car handling. Forza Motorsport game has many varieties of sports cars which you can buy and race on the track all over the world. They have over 500 cars which have new cars in series and 20 new real world tracks. However, if you want any car, then you have to purchase it.

Perhaps sometime player accidentally purchase different car which they didn’t want, or they purchase same car two times. It is a mistake player are searching How to Get Refund For Forza Motorsport Purchased From Microsoft Store or Xbox App. Don’t worry, the refund is possible and you can get your money back.

And here in this article we will tell you how you can get refund for Forza Motorsport purchased. We will guide you through the steps of refunding your money to your account. So don’t leave in between if you want your money and keep reading this article. Now without any further, let’s start and see what we can do.

Refund for Forza Motorsport purchased

How to get refund for Forza Motorsport purchased from Microsoft Store and XBox app?

Before refunding for Forza motorsport purchased from Microsoft or Xbox app, you have to full-fill some requirements. Have to request refund within 14 days of purchase and also you should play the game less than 2 hours. And the main thing is that you do not purchase the game using Microsoft store gift card, so keep these things in mind before requesting a refund. You will not get your gift card back because it is claimed.

If you full feel all the requirements, then you can request refund for Forza Motorsports  purchased from Microsoft/Xbox app.

  • First go to your Xbox order history.
  • Then select the Forza motor sports from the Purchase list.
  • Forza motorsports and request a refund.
  • Give the reason why you want the refund and select next.
  • Before some meeting your request, please check your reason and click on submit.

If the reason is valid and you met all the requirements, you will get your refund within 7 working days. Wait until 7 days after requesting a Refund For Forza Motorsport Purchased From Microsoft Store or Xbox App.

Refund for Forza Motorsport purchased

How long does it take to get a refund for Forza Motorsport?

Usually after you submit your refund request for Forza motorsport purchased. The game will take 7 working days to process the refund and within 7 working days you will get your refund if you full feel all the requirements as a mentioned above. But sometimes it depends upon the method of payment you purchase for the Forza Motorsport. Like if you pay with a credit card then it will take 10 working days to get your refund so keep this thing in mind also and wait for your refund.

Refund for Forza Motorsport purchased

What if I don’t meet the refund requirements for Forza Motorsport?

If you don’t meet the refund requirement then it is possible that you can get your refund back but you have to talk to the Microsoft support. But there is no any confirmation that it will work so you can try it. If you have any proof just like a screenshot or any statement so you can use it as the evidence that you purchase from Microsoft store or Xbox app. And also when you talk with the customer support be clear and honest and tell the correct reason for requesting your refund for Forza Motorsports.


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