Fortnitemares 2023 10 December: Confirm time of release?

Fortnitemares 2023 10 December is going to happen any time today. The biggest Halloween season event of this year offers you with some great event challenges, cosmetics, items and many more. All the players are excited about Fortnitemares 2023 free V-Bucks they will get by playing the Quest given by the event. And there is a leak that several endgame items also come back in this Fortnitemares 2023 December 10 celebration.

However, there are not much information from the officials so at this time we can just speculate what will going to happen in the Fortnitemares 2023 10 December. Air in this article we will see what should be expected to come in this Halloween in game event, we will also speculate the in game quest cosmetics and items given to the player when they complete any challenge.

As it is the biggest Halloween events happening, so things going to be big. If you want to know all the leaks of Fortnitemares 2023 10 December keep reading this article. So now without any further delay let’s dive into this article and no all the leaks.

Fortnitemares 2023 10 October

Fortnitemares 2023 10 December: Walkthrough:-

For now there is no official information of the event or any cosmetics by the Epic Games. They are not disclosing all the details of this Halloween celebration event so we should only speculate what should expect to come. According to the leaks given by the Hypex there are following things expected to come in this Fortnitemares 2023 December 10.

Fortnitemares 2023 10 October

  • Fortnitemares Update, and it somehow affects Display Cases
  • New Vampire Stake Shotgun, Rare to Mythic, turns Damage to Siphon.
  • Vampire Boss & Mythic Vampire Kinetic Blade
  • Pumpkin Launcher, Witch Brooms & Candy Unvaulted, and Lightsabers Vaulted
  • New “Trick or Treat” Augment: Gives 10 extra health on consumed Candy
  • New Witchy Warrior Augment: Reduces Witch Brooms Cooldown from 20s to 16s
  • Horde Rush LTM’s will return with augments & Cube Shards Upgrade Benches

Fortnitemares 2023 10 October

Please note that this is only speculation frim Hypex, not the official leaks from the Epic Games. As anyone can give/shear there opinions and its is from Hypex so many of this leaks maybe true if guess.

Fortnitemares 2023 10 October

What is the confirm release timing of the Fortnitemares?

As the Fortnitemares Halloween season is expected to happen to today but we don’t know the exact time when it will be going to be release. As the confirmation of the event will be kick off soon, as usually the event is released on 6 AM PT/ 9 AM ET / 2 PM BST. So we could expect that in this three time, Fortnitemares 2023 December 10 will release with Patch 26.30 in Fortnite. As for, let’s wait for the confirmation of release from the Epic Games.

Fortnitemares 2023 10 October


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