Halo Waypoint Redeem Code List Updated October 2023

In this article, we are going to see Halo Waypoint Redeem Code List Updated in 2023. Restart the game by venturing into the protective layer of humankind’s most prominent legend to go on an incredible campaign and in the end examine the greatness of the Halo ring itself.

To participate in the new Halo Infinite Open Beta, you must need a Friend Code. This process has puzzled many players in the game, leaving them stuck. So, keep reading to find out how to utilize and redeem your open beta buddy code.

Halo Waypoint Redeem Code List Updated 2022

What is the Halo Waypoint Redeem Code?

To get to the Halo Waypoint Limitless Multiplayer beta, an application should be downloaded. The Xbox Insider Center point application will be accessible free of charge. You needn’t bother with to be an individual from the Halo Insider program to partake in this beta. However, membership grants you access to future versions.

Go to the previously mentioned application and select the “Join” button to join the Halo Limitless See. On the off chance that you’ve taken part in past test betas, you can join similar test servers. PC players will presently need to utilize Halo Boundless’ Companion Code highlight. This is owing to the fact that PC users who have not participated in prior testing must have an access code, as previously indicated.

This implies you can obtain a code from a buddy who has already participated in a test. Enter your email address on the Halo Waypoint site. You’ll then get an email with a code and directions for introducing the game. Follow the means for Enacting an Item on Steam to redeem your Steam key. All that remains is to run the installer and the game will be introduced.

This article goes over the Halo Waypoint Limitless Companion Code reclamation process exhaustively. While you’re here, look at our instructional exercises on the most proficient method to open the Yoroi Samurai Protection and register for the Halo Limitless Flight Test.

Halo Waypoint Redeem Code List


Codes Rewards


Power Bundle

2XP + 2 swaps


MA40 Bundle

Nocturne Sky Weapon Coating + 2XP


Warthog Bundle

Nocturne Sky Vehicle Coating + 2XP


Emblem Bundle

Emblem + 2XP



2XP + 2 Swaps


Amazon Code 1+

Challenge Bundle 3 swaps


Circle K Code 1

Nocturne Sky Razorback Coating + 5 swaps

8. Circle K Code 2+

Challenge Bundle 5 swaps


Halo Waypoint Redeem Code List Updated 2022

How to Redeem Halo Waypoint Codes

  • Visit halowaypoint dot com for more information.
  • Log in with your Xbox account.
  • Check that you are logged into the proper account connected with the Gamertag from which you want to receive the promotional offer.
  • At the highest point of the screen, click on your client image.
  • Choose Redeem code
  • Enter your code and click the redeem button.
  • Codes must be provided in ALL CAPS and must contain hyphens.

Once your code has been redeemed, it will appear in your redemption history. Only that gamertag will be allowed to use the promotional item. The 25 most recent codes will be displayed in your redemption history.

Halo Waypoint Battle Pass

The Battle Pass is a feature that allows you to gain modifications for your Spartan, vehicles, weapons, and other items by completing in-game challenges while playing multiplayer. As you conquer these tasks, you will gain experience points for your Battle Pass and progress through its tiers. When you reach a new tier on the Battle Pass, the appropriate prize is unlocked.

You can track your Battle Pass progress using or by visiting the Challenges tab in the main menu (R on a keyboard or Y on an Xbox controller). We may accept issue reports through Halo Support and Xbox Support, however we cannot assist players in completing challenges or purchasing season stuff.

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