Rusty Lake Underground Blossom Walkthrough – Full Guide!

Rusty Lake Underground Blossom is a new game recently released. Underground Blossom is the 17th game in the series published by Rusty Lake. Underground Blossom Rusty Lake is a point and click adventure challenge that you have to complete. And here in this article, we will go through all the important points in Rusty Lake Underground Blossom.

In this Rusty Lake underground blossom walkthrough, we will tell you what the challenge is and how to complete all the chapters. So if you want to know and complete this challenge, then keep reading this article. So without further delay, let’s start the article.

Rusty Lake Underground Blossom

Rusty Lake Underground Blossom Walkthrough:-

Rusty Lake Underground Blossom is a mysterious and ever-changing world. We uncover secrets that we have to solve through a puzzle. Basically, underground blossom Rusty Lake is the story of a character called Laura Vendor Boom as she travels to this mysterious place. Mysterious place represents her subconscious mind; she has to find the way to go back to the surface. And Laura must solve the puzzles in order to complete the challenge.

The Rusty Lake Underground Blossom has three chapters, which we have to solve. The first chapter is called Crip Station, the second is School Street, and the third is The Underground. We have to solve all three chapters step by step in order to get back to the surface. In between these challenges, we will have to do additional puzzle quests to get rewards. The Underground Blossom Rusty Lake will be a thrilling and fun adventure to complete. In the next paragraph, we will solve all three chapters and get back to the surface.

Rusty Lake Underground Blossom

Solve All There Chapters To Complete Rusty Lake Underground Blossom:-

As we know, we have to complete chapters, so here is the step-by-step guide you can follow to complete it.

Chapter 1: Crip Station

To complete the chapter 1 crip station, you have to be in the station.

  • Then open the door of the train and enter it.
  • First, the baby bottle, and then the key
  • You have to use the key to unlock the cabinet and pick up the pacifier.
  • Take the train ticket and give the pacifier to the baby.
  • Then use the ticket to exit the train.

By this, you will have completed Chapter 1: Crip Station, and then we have to go further in Chapter 2: School Street.

 Chapter 2: School Street

  • To start Chapter 2, School Street, first pick up the chalk from the ground.
  • Make a circle around the manhole by using the chalk you pick.
  • To enter the underground, open the manhole cover by using a crowbar.
  • After you enter the underground, you will see a flashlight and a battery pick-up.
  • Insert the battery in the case and power the flashlight.
  • You have to find the code on the wall using this flashlight.
  • After searching further, you will see the code 9827 on the wall.
  • You have to use the code to open the box and get the key.
  • The key unlocks the door, which helps you exit the underground.
  • Use the key to unlock the door and exit.

Chapter 3: The Underground

Rusty Lake Underground Blossom

  • To complete the third chapter, you have to pick up the conductors and the whistle.
  • Use the train whistle to call the train, and when the train arrives, give the train conductors a hand.
  • After that, enter the train, and you will see a dirty diaper. Pick it up and put it in the trash can.
  • Then use the train whistle to stop the train and exit the train.
  • Then enter the door on the right side.
  • Pick up the flower and place it in the grave.
  • Under the grave, you will find the key, so you have to dig the grave to get the key.
  • You have to dig the grave and take the key.
  • After that, use that key to unlock the door and exit the game.

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