BG3 Shared Stash Baldurs Gate 3 Complete Guide Latest

In the most recent BG3 Shared Stash has undergone a significant adjustment. Many gamers, meanwhile, contend that the function is irritating and only there to make the game unplayable. To appropriately transmit tale items to another party member when a party member is removed, the BG3 Shared Stash is a new feature.

BG3 Shared Stash Baldurs Gate 3 Complete Guide Latest

However, it gave the main characters access to all of the party members’ belongings. A possible fix for the problem would be to use a single bag and transform it into camouflage. Read on to learn more about the shared stash and whether or not it’s possible to disable shared stats on BG3.

What is BG3 Shared Stash

The Shared Stash is a feature that aids in preserving the things acquired through quest advancement or treasure. Players can utilize the inventory while at a party together with the other guests. The things can be kept by the players in the campfire’s shared stockpile. Players should keep unnecessary things separate for each member of their party because they cannot be shared at once.

Numerous errors and issues have been fixed as well as hundreds of improvements thanks to this patch. However, some players are furious with Larian Studios because of all the changes, especially the shared stockpile. After a party member quits, the patch ensures that the remaining plot objects and characters are transferred to the remaining party members.

What’s the deal with the BG3 shared stash?

So, the most recent Patch 3 included this new function. We were meant to be able to effortlessly move stuff amongst party members, making our lives easier. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Not really, though! Many players discover that their main character’s inventory is overflowing with various products from their friends, making it difficult to locate what they need.

Players discussed this in the Reddit forum

Another user wrote: Has anyone been having issues since the patch, every single time I change companions now I get their keychain, alchemy pouch and camp supply pack, is this a bug or is supposed to happen?

BG3 Shared Stash Baldurs Gate 3 Complete Guide Latest

 BG3 Shared Stash Problems

The shared stash may have solved some issues, but it has become a headache for the players to manage the inventory. The main character’s inventory receives immediate access to every item in the shared stash. The inventory is now confused as a result of the transfer of the things, making it challenging to choose preferred items rapidly as the game progresses.

Additionally, even after changing characters, the game still includes the purse and all the camp goods. Sadly, after summoning back, gamers must always reequip their chest with more backs. Before deactivating the party, it would be better to use a single bag and transfer the item in the camouflage.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Shared stash Potential Cure

Although the shared stash functionality was designed to make using inventory simpler, it has instead made it unorganized. Players can locate any potential modifications until the next hotfix, which is expected to resolve this problem. Additionally, make an effort to engage the party attendees and manage the inventory appropriately.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Shared Stash Next, what?

It’s all about improved inventory management as we wait for a solution, and we’re crossing our fingers for a user-friendly upgrade. We can only hope that the designers will take note of our worries and implement a fair mechanism to improve our gaming experience. When a party is disbanded, inventory may be transferred to other members thanks to BG 3 Shared Stash feature.

The things, regrettably, are moved into the main character’s inventory. Players can use a single bag to keep them in the camp before departing the party, albeit there is no precise solution to the issue.

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