Warhaven Tier List – Class Tier List Wiki!

Warhaven Tier List: Warhaven tier playes main role if you want to einn all the match. If you have S-Tier Classes weapon then the chances to win the match will high. And here in this article we will see the Warhaven class tier list. And tell which one will suit you in your playstyle. So without any further delay let’s start the article.

Warhaven tier list

Warhaven Tier List:-

Here are the Warhaven tier list wiki form S-Tier to D-Tier given below:

  • S-Tier: Martyr, Blade, Hoet, Smoke
  • A-Tier: Darkgale, Raven
  • B-Tier: Warhammer, Spike, Hush
  • C-Tier: Archer
  • D-Tier: Guardian

Warhaven class Tier List – Walkthrough:-

S-Tier Classes:

In Warhaven S-Tier classes are the most strong and effective. This Warhaven class tier list offer a great blend of offensive and defensive powers, and in the proper hands, they can be lethal.

  1. Martyr: The Martyr is a strong tank class that can do a lot of damage while being extremely difficult to kill. They have a vast health pool, excellent defensive skills, and a number of powerful attacks that can deliver damage to many rivals at the same time.
  2. Blade: The Blade is a swift and nimble combat class with a high damage rate against single targets. They have excellent mobility and a wide range of strong combos that may swiftly overpower opponents.
  3. Hoet: The Hoet is an unique ranged class that employs a crossbow to discharge explosive bolts. They can deliver significant damage to single targets as well as groups of opponents, and they may also use their crossbow to set traps and dangers for the other squad.
  4. Smoke: The Smoke is a flexible support class that can heal and enhance their friends while at once debuffing and hurting the other side. Because of their tremendous mobility and stealth, they are also exceptionally good at surviving on their own.

Warhaven tier list

A-Tier Classes

In Warhaven A-Tier classes are also incredibly powerful and effective, although this Warhaven tier list may not be as versatile or well-rounded as S-Tier characters.

  1. Darkgale: The Darkgale is a ranged class with a magical staff to discharge projectiles at opponents. They can deliver a lot of damage to single targets as well as groups of enemies, and they have a number of abilities that allow them to control the battlefield and debuff the other side.


B-Tier Classes:

Warhaven B-Tier classes are still functional, although they could not be as strong or well-rounded as A-Tier or S-Tier characters.

  1. Warhammer: The Warhammer is a heavy melee class with a high damage output against single targets. They move quickly and have a variety of devastating attacks that can stun and stagger opponents.
  2. Spike: The Spike is a one of a kind fighting class that attacks rivals with a two-handed spear. They are fast and have a wide range of attacks that can cause damage to numerous adversaries at once.
  3. Hush: The Hush is a ranged class that attacks competitors with a bow. They excel at dealing damage to single targets from afar, and they also have a number of abilities that can delay and debuff the opposing team.


C-Tier Classes:

Warhaven C-Tier classes are still playable in Warhaven, but they may demand more skill and experience.

  1. Archer: The Archer is a ranged class that attacks rivals with a bow. They are extremely effective at doing damage to single targets from afar, but they are also extremely vulnerable to melee strikes.


D-Tier Classes:-

D-Tier classes are the weakest and least effective in Warhaven. They may necessitate a high level of skill and experience to play well, or they may just be less well rounded than the other classes.

  1. Guardian: The Guardian is a tank class that can do a lot of damage while being extremely difficult to kill. They are, however, exceedingly slow and stationary, making them vulnerable to ranged attacks.

It is important to remember that this Warhaven tier list is based on multiple sources’ opinions and may not be definitive or suitable to all players. Also, the usefulness of each class differs according to the player’s playstyle, skill level, and other factors. It is recommended that you try out numerous classes to find the one that best suits your playstyle.

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