Consume Birthday Cake Fortnite Birthday Quest!

The 6th birthday of Fortnite brings many quest to complete and one of the challenge is consume birthday cake Fortnite Birthday Quest. As will discuss how to wish the bus driver happy birthday in our previous post. And now in this article we will complete the Consume Birthday Cake Fortnite Birthday Quest.

So if you want to complete the quest and and get the rewards then keep reading this article. Here we will tell you the objective of the same Consume Birthday Cake quest and also guide you of how to complete it. It will be fun to play thia quest do let’s dive into this topic and start our article.

Consume Birthday Cake Fortnite Birthday Quest

How to Consume Birthday Cake Fortnite Birthday quest?

The Consume Birthday Cake Fortnite Birthday Quest challenges you to eat 5 slices of birthday cake in separate matches. Birthday cakes can be seen at most set locations on the map, and they are frequently shown on tables or other surfaces. Simply approach a slice of cake and press the interact button to consume it.

Consume Birthday Cake Fortnite Birthday Quest

You will finish the Consume Birthday Cake quest and get 15,000 XP if you have consumed 5 slices of birthday cake in various matches. Open the Quests tab in the game menu to track your progress on this quest. But to complete it you need to know the location of the birthday cake. So here the some main location which you can find birthday cake.

  1. Mega City
  2. Shifty Shafts
  3. Coney Crossroads
  4. Logjam Junction
  5. Logjam Junction
  6. Chonker’s Speedway
  7. Reality Falls
  8. Tilted Towers

This are the location you will get to Consume Birthday Cake, keep in mind that in every match the location of the cake is different so if you find cake in Mega city then it not compalsary to get in same place again.

Consume Birthday Cake Fortnite Birthday Quest

Fortnite Birthday Quest:-

In Fortnite 6th Birthday quest there are 8 set of challenges that you have to complete to get XP and amazing rewards. Here are all the Fortnite Birthday quest given below:

  • Wish the bus driver a Happy Birthday
  • Consume Birthday Cake (5 slices in different matches)
  • Dance with Characters in Match
  • Use Balloons
  • Throw Presents
  • Win a match with at least one friend
  • Deal 1000 damage to opponents
  • Survive 10 Storm Circles

Completing one challenge gives access to the Birthday Basher pickaxe, three challenges gives access to the Birthday Dash spray, and five challenges gives access to the Slice 06 back bling. When all eight challenges are completed, the Birthday Brigade emote is unlocked.


If you cannot find any birthday cakes at the first name spot you land at, try moving to another named location.

  • When eating birthday cakes, be cautious because you will be subject to enemy attacks.
  • You may finish this quest in Team Rumble mode, which makes finding birthday cakes and avoiding opposing assaults easier.
  • Birthday cakes are frequently presented on tables or other surfaces in designated areas.
  • Birthday cakes should be found near birthday decorations such as balloons and streamers.
  • Birthday cakes can also be found in a variety of spots throughout the map.

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