One Piece New Dreams Trello – All You Need To Know!

One Piece New Dreams Trello is a valuable resource for players who are beginners in the game. One Piece: New Dreams is a recently released new game, and many of you don’t know fully about the game. Trello is basically a guide to the game, in which you will get to know all about One Piece New Dreams.

As it was released by the developer and has information on a variety of topics. So if you want to know all about the game, then you should go through the One Piece New Dreams tutorial. However, here in this article, we will tell you what the One Piece New Dreams Trello is and give you knowledge of the controls in the game. So if you are willing to know about One Piece New Dreams Trello, this article is for you. Keep reading this article, and you will know everything about this one-piece new dream trello.

One piece new dreams trello

One Piece New Dreams Trello: Summary:-

Before starting the main content, let me tell you about the troll. It means what is in the One Piece New Dreams trello.

You will learn about the characters in the game and their abilities, stats, and how to get them. Just like characters, you will see full information on everything, such as weapons, races, fighting styles, haki, items, quests, maps, guides, etc. So before starting the game, you should check out this Trello in One Piece New Dreams.

One piece new dreams trello

One Piece New Dreams Trello Board:-

To save your lots of time you should check this One piece new dreams Trello board, given below:-

Attributes: The game revolves around the development of four key attributes: Arm Strength, Leg Strength, Agility, and Vitality. Players can enhance these attributes by using various training equipment and methods.

Progression: Player progression is divided into two main stages: Level 1-5/10 and Level 10-20. In the initial stage, players interact with Bandit NPCs, complete quests, and acquire unique styles and skills. Gripping other players, particularly those at higher levels, can yield significant XP gains. During the Level 10-20 stage, Bandits offer diminishing XP returns. Players are encouraged to engage in fights and grips with others, participate in crew battles, and explore the path to obtaining haki.

Haki: Two types of haki, Kenbunshoku, and Busoshoku Haki, can be unlocked through combat and gripping upon reaching Level 15. Kenbunshoku Haki allows players to sense the presence of others, while Busoshoku Haki grants increased strength and durability.

Boss Farming: Boss farming becomes a key strategy for safe progression and unlocking haki. Attacking the boss rewards players with Buso XP while dodging and parrying the boss grants Ken XP. Upon defeating the boss, players receive a generous bounty of around 300k, which is evenly distributed among all participants who inflicted damage. Additionally, defeating bosses contributes significantly to leveling up.

Devil Fruits: Devil Fruits are rare and powerful fruits that give the consumer with a special skill. Devil Fruits can be discovered throughout the game environment and are also available to buy at the shop.

Weapons and Armor: In One Piece New Dreams, players can get a range of powerful weapon and armor sets. Weapons and gadgets can be earned by defeating rivals, completing tasks, and unlocking chests.

Crew Battles: Crew battles are an excellent way to get experience and rewards. Players can form crews and engage in combat with other crews.

One piece new dreams trello

One Piece New Dreams Trello – Control:-

  • N Key: Rob Items
  • J Key: Activate Ken Haki
  • H Key: Activate Buso Haki
  • X Key: Spit
  • Left Shift Key: Shift-lock
  • Ctrl Key: Crouch
  • F + Mouse 1: Evasive
  • Q Key: Dash/Dodge
  • Right Click: Heavy Attack
  • Left Click: Light Attack
  • Tab Key: Character Stats
  • B Key: Grip/Execute
  • V Key: Carry/Drop Carry
  • Tilde (~) Key: Inventory
  • E Key: Drop Items
  • Right Alt Key: Toggle Geppo
  • Mute Music: You can be found it in inventory


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