Free Fire India Launch Date After Postponed: Fans Disappointed After Postponement 2023

Free Fire India Launch Date After Postponed is confusing the players. When is Free Fire India coming? That is the question asked by many players. Here in this article, we are going to give you detailed information about Free Fire India Launch Date After Postponed. Make sure to read the article till the very end to know about Free Fire India Launch Date After Postponed.

Free Fire India Launch Date After Postponed

Free Fire is a multiplayer battle royale game developed by Garena as we all know. After the ban of Free Fire in India for some security reasons, Garena – A Singapore-based gaming company, still going to launch Free Fire India ( also known as “Free Fire Bharat”) very soon. The newer version of the game will be much more futuristic & less bugs as per the latest leaks.

Free Fire India Launch Date After Postponed

Free Fire is currently one of the games with the most popularity in India. The game gained such much popularity that, during the 2020 pandemic, it was named the “most fan-favorite game” in the Play Store. To maintain the gameplay and add new skins, characters, and events, the game’s developers regularly release a number of updates. They give away free goods at happy events.

When was the date of Free Fire launch in India?

It was expected to launch 5th September 2023, but it has been postponed to the third week of September 2023. Why the Free Fire Max won’t launch the users are quite concerned right now. The Free Fire was going to launch on 5th September 2023 in India. It was part of the comeback in India again but there were some issues that made the launch postponed again.

From the developer’s side, Garena revealed that there are some technical issues that are going on which is why they have postponed that launch event too. It is rumoured that it will launch again in the 3rd week of September 2023. Let us see if the rumour is accurate or not.


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Free Fire India Launch Date After Postponed

How did India’s Free Fire Ban happen?

In 2022, the original Free Fire game was outlawed in India due to security concerns with the Indian government. It was found that the Free Fire game leaked data and other privacy-related issues creating as a game. It was affected so much that Govt. of India decided to ban the game from the Play Store and App Store as well.

But after that, the server was online for a long time until the Free Fire MAX took the place of Free Fire in India. But there were some serious problems that players faced. They can not play worldwide, so there was a limited number of championships, tournaments, esports events etc. That is why Garena decided to launch Free Fire again in India on 5th September 2023.

Free Fire India Launch Date After Postponed

When is the Free Fire India Launch Date After Postponed?

Garena Free Fire India players, here is the big news for all of you. Free Fire is going to launch the game soon for India which will be named Free Fire India or maybe Free Fire Bharat officially. Garena was going to launch the game on 5th September 2023, but due to some technical issues, they are going to delay it.

Be patient guys, we will update you as well once we have got the confirmed news of launching Free Fire in India. Till then keep an eye on our various articles. Thank you for reading this long. Stay tuned.

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