Apex Legends ALGS Standings Complete Guide Latest 2023

The Apex Legends Global Series or ALGS Championship is back, and this time it’s making its mark at the Resorts World Arena in Birmingham. With 40 international teams from five Pro Leagues in the lineup, it’s a thrilling event that promises top-tier competition. Here, we’ll break down the Apex Legends ALGS standings and guide you through every step of this action-packed tournament. ALGS standings Apex Legends unfolds over five days, featuring three distinct stages, each with its own format and leaderboard. 

Apex Legends ALGS Standings Complete Guide Latest 2023

For both newcomers and returning fans, keeping up with their favorite teams’ standings can be a challenge, especially after each match and the transitions between stages. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of scores and standings for all 40 teams in every stage of the tournament. So, if you’re eager for the latest updates on the Championship standings, look no further than our guide below. 

What is Apex Legends ALGS Standings

Before the tournament kicks off, the 40 teams are divided into four groups, each consisting of 10 teams. In a round-robin format, each group faces the others once, with every series comprising six games, totaling 18 games played by each team. Once all these games wrap up, each team’s cumulative score determines their placement in the next stage. The top 20 teams advance to the Winner’s Bracket, while the bottom 20 teams head to Loser’s Bracket Round One.

The Bracket Stage introduces three heats: Loser’s Bracket Round One, Winner’s Bracket, and Loser’s Bracket Round Two. All series in the Bracket Stage comprise eight games, two more than the Group Stage, but still adhere to the standard ALGS ruleset. The top 20 teams from the Group Stage compete in the Winner’s Bracket, with the leading 10 teams directly advancing to the Match Point Finals.

These top 10 teams also earn bonus points based on their standings. The bottom 10 in their heat drop down to Loser’s Bracket Round Two. The bottom 20 teams from the Group Stage compete in Loser’s Bracket Round One. The leading 10 teams from this round progress to Loser’s Bracket Round Two, while the bottom 10 are eliminated from the Championship. The remaining 20 teams face one last eight-game series. 

Apex Legends ALGS Standings Complete Guide Latest 2023

More about ALGS Championship 2023

Here, the top 10 move on to the Match Point Finals, and the bottom 10 exit the tournament. The Match Point Finals bring together the final 20 teams for a match point format series. The top 10 teams from the Winner’s Bracket start with up to 10 points, determined by their placement in the previous round. The 10 teams from Loser’s Bracket Round Two kick off with zero points. In this format, there’s no limit to the number of games played. 

Teams must reach the 50-point threshold to become “match point eligible.” Once a team achieves this status, they must secure a victory to conclude the tournament and be declared the Championship winners. Teams that reach 50 points mid-game and then secure a first-place finish don’t conclude the tournament immediately. The leading 10 teams from this round progress to Loser’s Bracket Round Two, while the bottom 10 are eliminated from the Championship.

They become match point eligible only after the game concludes. To keep you in the loop, here’s the schedule for the ALGS Championship week, with local time (BST) converted to Eastern, Central, Pacific, and Australian Eastern Standard Time. The ALGS Championship 2023 promises to be a rollercoaster of excitement and intense competition. So, buckle up, keep an eye on the standings, and get ready for some thrilling Apex Legends action. 

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