How To Mine Helium in Starfield? – Full Guide!

Hey players are you searching how to mine helium in Starfield so you can trade it with other players. If you no getting any clues of it then don’t worry here in this article we will guide you with. As helium is very valuable source in the Starfield game. So everyone what to get it and trade it with other.

And here in this article we will tell you what is benefits of helium, where you can find it and how to mine helium in Starfield. If you want to know all this things then keep reading the article. Now without any further delay let’s start the article.

How to mine helium in Starfield

How To Mine Helium in Starfield: It Is Valuable?

As we know that Starfield helium is the most valuable resource in the game. You can find it in many locations but you have to know all those locations. In this commonly found in atmosphere and moons. And it is also be found in thr ground and water as well. Helium in Starfield are use in many applications such as Fusion reactors, Cryogenics, Balloons & airships and Welding. I think I don’t have to explain all of this application because many of you know about it. If anyone wants the explanation thne comment me in this article, I will update it.

How to mine helium in Starfield

Location to get helium in Starfield:-

Here I give you the location to mine helium in Starfield:

  • Luna: Luna is an Earth moon that is rich in helium. You can be found in both the atmosphere and the ground.
  • Kreet: Kreet is a helium rich planet in the Artemis system. And you can get Starfield Helium in atmosphere and on the ground.
  • Magreth: Magreth is a helium rich planet in the Hyades system. And also you can be found Starfield helium in atmosphere also on the ground.
  • Jemison: Jemison is alao a helium rich planet in the Settled Systems. Ans you can found it atmosphere as well as on ground.

How to mine helium in Starfield

How To Mine Helium in Starfield?

To know how to mine helium in Starfield, you have to follow this instructions given below. There are to ways to mine Helium in Starfield.

  1. Using a cutter: A cutter can be used to mine helium from the ground. This is a slow and inefficient process of mining helium from the ground if you do not have an outpost.
  2. Using an outpost: You can build a helium extractor if you have an outpost. The helium extractor will collect helium from the earth and store it in your inventory. This is the most efficient method to get helium.

Here are the steps to mine helium in Starfield, follow it step by step:

  • Find the location with a lot of helium. I just give the location with lots of helium in Starfield. You can also find helium deposits with your scanner.
  • Set up a base near the helium deposit. You can do this by building an structure that will act as your base of operations.
  • Then build a Starfield helium extractor at the outpost. Helium will be extracted from the earth and stored in your inventory by the helium extractor.
  • Collect the extracted helium and sell it to a merchant or another player.


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