The Eremite God Roll Destiny 2 Complete Guide Latest 2023

Destiny 2 has long captivated players with its diverse array of weaponry, and the introduction of The Eremite God Roll, a High-Impact fusion rifle, in the Season of the Witch has only added to the excitement. While at first glance it might seem like just another addition to your arsenal, The Eremite God Roll comes with a set of perks that can turn it into a formidable force in both PvP and PvE gameplay. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of The Eremite God Roll potential, exploring the stats, perks, and synergies that can transform this fusion rifle into a true powerhouse.

The Eremite God Roll Destiny 2 Complete Guide Latest 2023

Before diving into its perks, let’s take a moment to examine the raw stats of The Eremite. While it may not boast the most remarkable numbers, it still holds its own within the High-Impact Frame subfamily. When compared to weapons like Glacioclasm, The Eremite showcases slightly lower base stability and handling, but compensates with a competitive aim assistance value of 59 surpassing Glacioclasm’s 55. While these numbers might not shine on their own, The Eremite’s true potential emerges when its perks are brought into play.

The Eremite God Roll Destiny 2

The Eremite’s perks are where its versatility truly comes to light. Drawing inspiration from successful perk combinations employed with other fusion rifles, players often gravitate towards options like Offhand Strike, Envious Assassin, Reservoir Burst, and Controlled Burst. While these perks can indeed bolster The Eremite’s performance, the real magic lies in maximizing its unique features. While The Eremite might initially appear unassuming, its perks and synergies unveil a dynamic fusion rifle capable of excelling in both PvP and PvE environments. 

Experimenting with different perk combinations and playstyles is key to harnessing its full potential. Whether you’re dominating in the Crucible or tackling challenging PvE encounters, The Eremite’s god roll can transform it into a weapon that stands tall among Destiny 2’s diverse arsenal. As you embark on this journey of discovery, remember that the right combination of perks and strategies will ultimately shape The Eremite into your ultimate companion in the battles that lie ahead.

One standout perk, introduced in Season 22, is Heal Clip. Found in the third column, this perk synergizes beautifully with Solar Fragments like Ember of Benevolence, leading to substantial ability regeneration rate boosts in PvE scenarios. Additionally, Slickdraw—a perk buffed in Season of the Deep’s mid-season update can lend The Eremite a sense of agility akin to lighter counterparts in the fusion rifle category.

The Eremite God Roll Destiny 2 PvP

For PvP enthusiasts seeking the ultimate The Eremite God Roll can be achieved through careful perk selection:

  • Barrel: Extended Barrel
  • Battery: Projection Fuse
  • First Perk: Slick Draw or Offhand Strike
  • Second Perk: Golden Tricorn or Elemental Capacitor

Slickdraw shines here, optimizing The Eremite’s handling and allowing players to focus on range through Extended Barrel, Projection Fuse, and a range masterwork. Offhand Strike remains a viable option for a range and accuracy boost after a kill, though it’s particularly potent on faster-charging fusion rifles. The second perk can swing between Golden Tricorn for damage enhancement and range, and Elemental Capacitor for consistent stat buffs, catering to various playstyles.

The Eremite God Roll Destiny 2 Complete Guide Latest 2023

The Eremite God Roll Destiny 2 PvE

For PvE aficionados, The Eremite God Roll is adaptable to different builds and preferences:

  • Barrel: Fluted Barrel
  • Battery: Projection Fuse
  • First Perk: Heal Clip or Envious Assassin
  • Second Perk: Golden Tricorn, Reservoir Burst, or Controlled Burst

In PvE scenarios, synergy becomes paramount. Combining Heal Clip with Golden Tricorn can lead to exceptional results, particularly when paired with a Solar subclass and Ember of Benevolence Fragments. Envious Assassin alongside Reservoir Burst or Controlled Burst is an alternative for those favoring a non-Solar build. Fluted Barrel steps in to improve the weapon’s feel by enhancing both handling and stability, while Projection Fuse adds a touch of range consistency during PvE encounters.

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