Mythical Immortal MLBB: Know How To Rank Up!

Mythical Immortal MLBB Is the rank that is introduced recently for the player who are in the higher rank. It was reley in the new season of Mobile Legends bang bang. This is because when you became top player in the game.

You feel boring because then there in no challenge to motivate you. So developer decide to release new rank Mythical Immortal MLBB. And here in this article we will discuss all about the latest Mythical Immortal rank MLBB. What is it and how you can reach to this rank.

Mythical Immortal MLBB

Mythical Immortal MLBB:-

The new Mythical Immortal Rank, released in MLBB Season 29, is the top rank a player may reach in MLBB. It comes right after the previous highest rank in the game, Mythical Glory.

To get this rank, players have to earn 100+ stars in Mythical Rank, as opposed to the previous Mythical Glory, which needs only 50 stars. Mythical Immortal is not the same as Mythical Glory in that the Immortal rank represents the “creme of the crop” of MLBB players.

The competition will be tough, and this rank will put players to the test by challenging them to understand advanced match ups and counter strategies on the fly.

Mythical Immortal MLBB

While this is expected of Mythical rank players, creating this new rank will offer a deeper challenge for those at the top while streamlining the lower ranks for better matchmaking. Here are some of the advantages of reaching Mythical Immortal in MLBB:

  • You will be offered a Mythical Immortal avatar border.
  • You will get access to the Mythical Glory Discord server.
  • You will be able to compete in the Mythical Glory Tournament.
  • You’ll be known as one of MLBB’s greatest players.

How To Reach Mythical Immortal Rank In MLBB?

Mythical Immortal MLBB

To reach to Mythical Immortal MLBB you have to do few things which is given below. If you able to do it then you will definitely reach at Mythical Immortal Rank.

  • Master some heroes in each role:

Becoming versatile and capable of playing multiple roles is important. This increases your chances of winning games even if your teammates don’t choose the heroes you best at.

  • Practice regularly:

The more you play, the better you will get. Before playing in Ranked mode, be sure to practice in Classic mode.

  • Keep an eye on pro players:

Watching how pro players play might help you learn new strategies and techniques. You are able to find out which heroes are powerful in the trend.

  • Communicate with your teammates:

Communication is important for winning games. Make sure to communicate your plans and strategies to your teammates.

  • Don’t give up:

Reaching Mythical Immortal is difficult, but it is undoubtedly possible with hard effort and dedication. Don’t give up if you don’t succeed quickly. Just keep practicing and learning, and you’ll get there in the end.

Mythical Immortal MLBB


Reaching Mythical Immortal Rank is a fantastic achievement that all MLBB players should strive for. You, too, can become Mythical Immortal MLBB if you are ready to put in some work and dedication.

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