How to Fix TOTK 1.2.1 Dupe Glitch Latest 2023

Since its release, “Tears of the Kingdom” (TOTK 1.2.1 Dupe Glitch) has captivated players with its captivating storyline, enchanting world, and engaging gameplay mechanics. As with any intricate game, glitches and exploits can sometimes surface, offering players the chance to gain an edge or make progress in unique ways. Among these, the TOTK 1.2.1 Dupe Glitch has emerged as a favored method for duplicating items and resources within the game. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the details of the glitch, its application, and how players can utilize it to their advantage.

How to Fix TOTK 1.2.1 Dupe Glitch Latest 2023

The TOTK 1.2.1 Dupe Glitch provides players with the ability to duplicate items and resources within the game, granting them an avenue to gather essential materials more efficiently or even accumulate significant wealth. The glitch revolves around a specific sequence of actions that exploit certain mechanics in the game, allowing players to clone items without the need for extensive grinding or exploration.

What is TOTK 1.2.1 Dupe Glitch 

Executing the TOTK 1.2.1 Dupe Glitch requires precision and careful timing. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how players can perform the glitch. Ensure that you have a single unit of the item you wish to duplicate in your possession. Stand on a slightly elevated surface, positioning yourself to face away from the ledge. Hold the designated button to ready the item you intend to duplicate. Jump backward (using the designated jump button) off the ledge you’re standing on.

While airborne, promptly press the button that grants you access to your inventory. Release the inventory access button, followed by the button used to hold the item, in quick succession. Look for the visual cue of Link’s arm movement. Once you see Link’s arm move, quickly press the button to ready the item once again. The timing is crucial here. As you land, you’ll notice that the item has both been thrown and dropped, effectively duplicating it.

To further duplicate the item, simply pick up one of the duplicates and repeat the process from step 2. Taking advantage of TOTK’s intricate mechanics, players can utilize the Infinite Dupe Glitch to bypass item limits. Here’s how it works. Make sure you have a fan Zonai device in your inventory, obtained from the Dispenser below Nachoyah Shrine on the Great Sky Island. Place a fan next to the hatch of the Dispenser, making sure it’s set up correctly.

How to Fix TOTK 1.2.1 Dupe Glitch Latest 2023

How to Fix TOTK 1.2.1 Dupe Glitch

Attach a Zonai fan to the first fan at a 45-degree angle to block the hatch from the inside. Now, you can store multiple items inside the Dispenser without worrying about despawning. To retrieve the duplicated items, stand to the side of the hatch, recall your fan blockage, and quickly pick up the items. While exploiting glitches might raise ethical concerns for some players, others see it as a way to streamline their gameplay and enjoy the full scope of what “Tears of the Kingdom” has to offer. 

It’s important to note that game developers often release patches to address such glitches, ensuring a balanced and fair gaming experience. As players continue their adventures in the enchanting world of TOTK, the TOTK 1.2.1 Dupe Glitch stands as a testament to the creativity and resourcefulness of the gaming community, providing an alternative approach to acquiring resources and enhancing their gameplay.

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