How To Get No Man’s Sky Staff? – Full Guide!

No Man’s Sky Staff is the multitool added in the Echoes update. Many players want to get No Man’s Sky staff but don’t know how to get staff in NMS. To get this staff, you have to complete the tasks given by the game. And in this article, we provide step-by-step instructions to get it.

However, once you get No Man’s Sky Staff, your chances of winning the game will increase. And here in this article, we will discuss what is in the NMS Staff and how to get it. We will see a step-by-step guide to doing this, so keep reading if you want to know. Now, without any further delay, let’s start the article.

No Man's Sky Staff

What Is No Man’s Sky Staff? 

As we see, No Man’s Sky Staff was added in the Echoes update. It is the different types of multitools available in this No Man’s Sky Staff, such as the S Class 4 Supercharged and Voltaic Staff. You can hire NPCs by visiting a space station or a trade post and talking with the characters you meet. You can also get the Voltaic Staff in No Man’s Sky, which is the new type of two-handed multitool.

No Man's Sky Staff

What Are the Different Types of No Man’s Sky Staff?

In the Echoes update, you will get different types of No Man’s Sky multitools. And in this paragraph, we will see the different staff you can get.

  • Voltaic Staff: The Voltaic Staff is a traditional ceremonial piece as well as a new class of two-handed multi-tool added in the Echoes update.
  • S Class 4 Supercharged Staff: With strong stats and abilities, this is one of the best staff multitools in the game.
  • Other types: Other types of No Man’s Sky Staff multitools are available in the game, each with its own unique stats and abilities. You can select the type of staff multitool you want by using the Atlantid interface at a monolith.

No Man's Sky

How to Get Staff NMS?

If you want to get staff NMS but don’t know where to start, don’t worry. In this guide, you will learn all the steps to get Staff NMS.

You have to first salvage a ship and complete the mission to get the No Man’s Sky Staff.

  1. Then take the stuff to the monolith to enter the Atlantic.
  2. After that, select the type of No Man’s Sky staff you want. As you know, there are different types of NMS staaf, and everyone has different choices. So take the staff that shoots you the most.
  3. Then hire NPCs in the space station or in the trading post.
  4. Now use the No Man’s Sky Staff to explore the game and interact with others.
  5. When you select staff in NMS, keep some basic thoughts in mind. That means not every staff is available for you, and the No Man’s Sky staff you want may not be available for you. Because there is a bug that causes this issue, keep these things in mind.

No Man's Sky staff


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