Armored Core 6 Chests Hidden Locations Latest 2023

In the expansive and mechanized world of Armored Core 6 Chests Hidden Locations, the thrill of exploration and combat intertwines with the excitement of uncovering hidden treasures. This comprehensive guide unveils the locations of every hidden chest in Armored Core 6 Chests Hidden Locations, empowering you to enhance your arsenal and dominate the battlefield. With the aid of your Scanning ability, these hidden treasures will become more accessible, ensuring that you don’t miss out on any crucial upgrades.

Armored Core 6 Chests Hidden Locations Latest 2023

Armored Core 6 Chests Hidden Locations boasts a total of 13 hidden chests, each tucked away in different corners of the game’s vast universe. Utilizing your Scanning ability plays a pivotal role in spotting these hidden chests. When activated in the right locations, the Scanning ability emits a pulse that uncovers nearby hidden objects, including both chests and potential adversaries. Throughout your journey, you’ll come across a plethora of hidden chests that offer valuable upgrades for your mech.

Armored Core 6 Chests Hidden Locations

It’s important to note that certain head parts in the game provide a greater Scan Distance, which allows you to uncover hidden items from a farther distance. Therefore, choosing the head part with the most extensive Scan Distance can significantly enhance your efficiency in locating these hidden treasures. In this chapter, as you undertake the mission to infiltrate Grid 086, you’ll stumble upon the first hidden chest.

As a reward for your persistence, you’ll obtain the HC-3000 Wrecker Head. Upon entering the interior location of the mission after dealing with Invincible Rummy, be on the lookout for a hole in the ceiling. Within a small room, you’ll face two smaller mechs to eliminate. Following their defeat, venture to the back corner of the room to claim the Wrecker Head. The second chest within this chapter offers the CC-3000 Wrecker Core. 

Your journey through this chapter will lead you to a smelting furnace room. Progress beyond the magma flow, and your treasure awaits, enhancing your arsenal with the CC-3000 Wrecker Core. The third chest in this chapter houses the AC-3000 Wrecker Arms. This hidden chest is particularly well-concealed, making your Scanner invaluable. After acquiring the previous treasure from the magma flow, venture into the adjacent pipe next to the magma smelter. 

Armored Core 6 Chests Hidden Locations Latest 2023

Armored Core 6 Chests Hidden Locations: Chapter 2 

Within the massive pipe lies your next reward, the AC-3000 Wrecker Arms. Upon reaching the second checkpoint in the same chapter, your efforts will be rewarded with the 2C-3000 Wrecker Legs. Ascend to the higher platforms on the right side and explore the second platform’s rear. Confront the adversaries that await you, and claim your well-deserved 2C-3000 Wrecker Legs. Within Chapter Three’s mission of Tunnel Sabotage, the first hidden chest leads you to the Nebula Plasma Rifle. 

Upon passing the second checkpoint, navigate through the tunnel to encounter several bridges. Head left to discover a chamber occupied by a sniper on a cliff. After neutralizing the sniper, access the Nebula Plasma Rifle for your mech’s advancement. Continuing within Chapter Three, where you’re tasked with surveying the uninhabited floating city, you’ll encounter the IA-C01G Aorta Generator. Progress by disabling the red beacons until you reach the circular platform. A skirmish with a group of enemies awaits you. 

After emerging victorious, explore the building from which they emerged to uncover the IA-C01G Aorta Generator. This chapter introduces you to the Double Trouble Chainsaw. Your venture through the “Eliminate the ‘Honest’ Brute” mission reveals a hidden chest in an open space. While the expanse may seem overwhelming, look for emerging red lasers, which indicate traps set by the Brute. 

Armored Core 6 Chests Hidden Locations: Chapter 3

Land on the platform created by the Brute to claim the Double Trouble Chainsaw. In the same mission, securing the BC-0600 12345 Booster is your reward. Following your acquisition of the previous chest, descend onto a platform resembling a train bracket. Traverse to the enclosed section of the platform, leading to an extended arm that grants access to the BC-0600 12345 Booster. Your endeavor within the same mission uncovers the Bad Cook Flamethrower. 

After the dome shield encounter and vanquishing the enemies, enter the structure where the battle took place. Descend to a platform, locating a short wall. Beyond this wall, the Bad Cook Flamethrower awaits. In Chapter Four’s Underground Exploration Depth 1 mission, your perseverance yields the Ephemera Legs. As shutters close on you, prepare to face multiple adversaries. After reaching an objective with an access point, a hidden chest emerges within the back of the room, revealing the Ephemera Legs.

Armored Core 6 Chests Hidden Locations Latest 2023

The Underground Exploration Depth 2 mission within Chapter Four leads you to the Ephemera Legs. Venture into the long cavern after battling Iguazu, encountering a room with a blast door. Inside, you’ll discover another hidden chest, adding further rewards to your inventory. Progressing to the Coral Convergence segment of Chapter Four, the Moonlight Blade awaits you. 

Armored Core 6 Chests Hidden Locations: Chapter 4

Vanquish the wheeled enemies surrounding the Moonlight Blade’s chest, securing your rightful reward. Unearthing the hidden treasures of Armored Core 6 requires not only keen observation but also strategic utilization of your Scanning ability. By diligently exploring each chapter and mission, you can equip your mech with superior upgrades, ensuring your dominance in the world of mechanized combat. As you combat opposing ACs and navigate through the shallow lake, divert from the upward path to explore the depths. 

As you traverse the intricate landscapes of Armored Core 6 Chests Hidden Locations, remember that these hidden chests represent the embodiment of challenge and reward. With your Scanning ability as your guide, you’re equipped to conquer the game’s intricate secrets and emerge as a true force to be reckoned with. So, gear up, activate your Scanner, and set forth on a thrilling quest to claim every hidden chest that Armored Core 6 Chests Hidden Locations has to offer.

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