Crouch Near A Low Card Guard For 5 Seconds Without Alerting: Stage 4 Challenge!

Crouch near a Low Card guard for 5 seconds without alerting is stage 4 challenge of Nolan Chance Snapshot Quest. With the start of Chapter 4 of Season 4, Fortnite has many quests and challenges for players to complete. Not only is it giving rewards, but it is also giving many different perks to the players who complete the quest.

And one of the Chapter 4 Season 4 quests is the Nolan Chance Snapshot Quest. In this quest, you have to complete 14 stages to get the Nolan Chance skin. And by completing each challenge, you will also get extra XP and items as rewards.

And here in this article, we will discuss stage 4, which is “Crouch near a Low Card guard for five seconds without alerting them”. We will find the location of Low Card Guard in Fortnite and complete the challenge by crouching near him for 5 seconds without alerting him. Now let’s see how to complete the Nolan Chance Snapshot Quest and get huge rewards.

Crouch near a Low Card guard for 5 seconds without alerting

Location To Crouch Near A Low Card Guard For 5 Seconds Without Alerting:-

The best places to find Low card guards in Fortnite are Kado’s strongholds, near forecast towers, satellite stations, and Corny Complex. You will see Kado’s Strongholds in the center of the map; just land there and find Low Card Guards in Fortnite. If you don’t find him there, then go to the forecast towers; these are tall buildings, which makes it possible to find Low Card Guards in Fortnite there.

And Corny Complex is also the best place to find Low Card guards because it is one of the best places to find IO guards, which are similar to Low Card guards in Fortnite. So if possible, do a search in Corny Complex also and complete your challenge.

Crouch near a Low Card guard for 5 seconds without alerting

How to Crouch Near a Low Card Guard for 5 Seconds Without Alerting?

To crouch near a Low Card guard for 5 seconds without alerting, first you have to go close to those guards. Just keep in mind that if you make noise or make sudden movements, you will alert Fortnite Low Card guards, and you will not be able to complete the challenge.

Now, when you are close enough to the Low Card guards, crouch for 5 seconds without alerting them or making any noise. And when 5 seconds pass, just stand and move away from low-card guards.

Nolan Chance Snapshot Quests:-

Nolan Chance Snapshot Quests is an amazing quest for the players. Because it gives you rewards and XP for every stage you complete. When you complete 6 quests, you will get the Last Resort loading screen; when you complete 10 quests, you will get the Big Score contrail; and when you complete all 14 quests, you will receive the Heist Formal selectable style. All this is for the Nolan Chance skin.

Also, when you complete all 14 stages, the quest gives you in-match services from the character you get, just like Nolan. You will be granted keys for 3 reps, furniture for 6 reps, and the Scout Specialist NPC will assist you for 10 reps.

Crouch near a Low Card guard for 5 seconds without alerting

All 14 Stages To Complete In Nolan Chance Snapshot Quests:-

Here are all 14 Stage challanges you have to complete to get Nolan Chance skin:-

  • Stage 1 – Alert a security camera
  • Stage 2 – Talk to Nolan Chance
  • Stage 3 – Destroy cameras and turrets
  • Stage 4 – Crouch near a Low Card guard for 5 seconds Stage 5 – without alerting them
  • Stage 6 – Search safes and holo chests
  • Stage 7 – Search Heist Bags
  • Stage 8 – Talk to Antonia
  • Stage 9 – Eliminate opponents with suppressed weapons
  • Stage 10 – Damage a Dealer or Kado Thorne at Thorne’s Strongholds
  • Stage 11 – Get through a hallway guarded by Laser Alarms
  • Stage 12 – Search Chests at Thorne’s Strongholds in a single match
  • Stage 13 – Deploy a scanner in the vault
  • Stage 14 – Speak with and Hire Nolan Chance

Gather a heist crew by speaking with the usual suspects


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