Xelor Waven Build Complete Guide Latest 2023

The world of Wakfu is a realm brimming with diverse characters and intricate strategies, and among them, the Xelor Waven Build stands out as a master of time manipulation. With its unique abilities to control time and space, the Xelor class offers a variety of playstyles, and the Waven Build is one of the most intriguing. In this article, we’ll delve into the intricacies of the Xelor Waven Build, exploring its strengths, weaknesses, and strategies that can help you excel on the battlefield. 

Xelor Waven Build Complete Guide Latest 2023

Before diving into the specifics of the Xelor Waven Build, let’s briefly review the Xelor class. Xelors are time mages who can alter the course of battles by manipulating AP (Action Points) and MP. They possess a range of spells that can control enemies, deal damage, and even reverse the actions of their foes. The Waven Build for Xelors revolves around the effective utilization of the Wakfu and Stasis elements. This build capitalizes on the Xelor’s ability to deal massive damage while managing AP and MP to control the battlefield..

Strength of Xelor Waven Build

The Waven Build excels at dealing high amounts of damage to enemies. By combining spells from both the Wakfu and Stasis elements, Xelors can unleash devastating attacks that can quickly eliminate opponents. This build provides Xelors with versatility in their playstyle. They can adapt to different situations, switching between offensive and defensive strategies as needed. Xelors using the Xelor Waven Build have excellent control over the battlefield. 

They can manipulate enemy positions, restrict their movement, and disrupt their plans by altering AP and MP values. The build’s balance between damage and utility allows Xelors to survive longer in battles. They can hinder opponents’ actions while maintaining their own offensive capabilities. This spell from the Wakfu branch inflicts damage and reduces enemy AP, limiting their actions and mobility. Clock is a core spell that allows Xelors to control time. It can rewind or fast-forward an enemy’s turn, leading to confusion and disruption in their strategy.

Dark Ray, a Stasis spell, delivers significant single-target damage and can also steal AP from the enemy. This unique ability allows Xelors to store AP and use them in the next turn, enabling powerful combos and burst damage. Effective positioning is crucial for a Xelor using the Waven Build. Place enemies strategically to make the most of Clock’s rewind and fast-forward effects. Combining spells from both elements can create devastating combos. 

Xelor Waven Build Complete Guide Latest 2023

More about Xelor Waven Build

The name “Xelor Waven Build” refers to the blending of these two elements to create a well-rounded and powerful Xelor character. For instance, using Temporal Dust to reduce enemy AP before hitting them with Dark Ray can greatly hinder their actions. Timing is everything for a Xelor. Understanding the turn sequence and predicting opponents’ moves is essential to maximize the impact of Clock and other control spells. Flexibility is key in Wakfu battles. Assess the situation and adjust your strategy accordingly. 

The Xelor Waven Build in Wakfu offers a unique and engaging playstyle that revolves around mastering time and space. Its combination of damage-dealing abilities and control spells makes it a formidable choice on the battlefield. By understanding the synergy between Wakfu and Stasis spells, mastering positioning, and making strategic decisions, Xelors can harness the power of time manipulation to dominate their opponents in Wakfu’s world of endless possibilities. Sometimes focusing on control is more beneficial than dealing damage.

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