Tower of Fantasy Jade Coin Latest 2023

The publication date of Tower of Fantasy Jade Coin, based on the duration of the most recent updates, should be March 30, 2022. This will be Tower of Fantasy’s next version upgrade after version update PV. The day that the update will go live has been disclosed by the Tower of Fantasy official Twitter account. The situation with the exposed flags is more complex, though. Ayato will make her premiere on the update’s first banner, as is already known by fans, but four other characters are speculated to make another appearance.

Tower of Fantasy Jade Coin Latest 2023

Ayato will almost certainly appear in the Tower of Fantasy Jade Coin, but players should be wary of rumors concerning the repeats of this update. Even so, it’s valuable to combine different disclosures. the reachability of the brand-new location Lost City. This version upgrade will offer numerous intriguing new features, this being just one of them. It’s expected that the new area will offer players new assignments. New material will increase their enjoyment of the game and let them travel elsewhere.

Tower of Fantasy Jade Coin

Only the Ayato disclosures are currently virtually verified, as the leak suggests. In contrast to Ayato’s debut, there have been other rumors about the reruns, but they have not yet been verified. His release date ought to coincide with Tower of Fantasy Jade Coin’s version upgrade if he shows on the game’s first banner. (March 30, 2022).

The 4-star symbols for this banner are presently unknown. Also unknown is whether any other 5-star characters will be reruns at the same time. The most recent disclosures included assets for Ayato’s ascension, moveset, and animations. Players can get a fantastic first impression of the character in the aforementioned YouTube gaming video, which showcases his moveset and movements before his official release.

Tower of Fantasy Jade Coin: Kazuha & Venti Rerun Rumors

It’s important to emphasize that the repeats have not yet been officially verified. Although it’s still too early to say, some factors seem to indicate that certain figures will receive it. One well-known report suggests that Venti and Kazuha will appear again in the upcoming release. Although neither character has been seen in a while, two significant bits of material imply that they may appear again: 

  • Ley Line Disorder on Floor 11 of Spiral Abyss
  • The Iradori Festival will feature both of the personalities.

Ley Line Disorder will grant friends a 75% Anemo DMG boost, as can be seen in the tweetup top. Floor 11’s Ley Line Disorder preferred either new characters or previously repeated characters (Raiden Shogun and Kokokmi for their reruns). (like Itto on his debut). Every selectable character from Inazuma as well as a few non-native figures will be present at the Irodori Festival. Venti is one of the few international attendees at this event, though it is unknown what his involvement with the Tower of Fantasy Jade Coin celebration will entail. 

Tower of Fantasy Jade Coin Latest 2023

Tower of Fantasy Jade Coin: Ayaka & Yoimiya Rerun Rumors

Ayaka and Yoimiya will have repeat episodes in the Tower of Fantasy Jade Coin, according to another report. Although it bears repeating, every selectable character from Inazuma will have a part of some sort, both characters will be in the Iradori Festival. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to presume that since Ayaka is Ayato’s sibling, she could appear in the same version update as him.

Notably, neither Ayaka nor Yoimiya have received a repeat since their debuts in the 2.0 release. Yoimiya would be a part of the Tower of Fantasy Jade Coin, according to an earlier report, but it might just be the Iradori Festival. She might play a major part that would indicate a rerun is soon, but there is no evidence of that as of yet.

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