Girls Frontline 2 Exilium: Pre-registration for Global release!

Girls Frontline 2 Exilium is the next chapter to the popular mobile game Girls Frontline. Those who doy Girls Frontline 2 is a combat RPG game based on a post-apocalyptic world where humans and androids known as Tactical Dolls (T-Dolls) meet the Sangvis Ferri threat.

Girls Frontline 2 Exilium has a new story, T-Dolls, and gaming modes. The fighting system is similar to that of the first game, but it has been changed with new features like a cover system and a dodge mechanic.

Girls Frontline 2 Exilium

The game also has a Tarkov-style game mode called “Exilium,” in which players can explore a perilous wasteland and compete for riches with other players. Girls Frontline 2 Exilium will be released in China on October 26, 2023, then globally in early 2024.

However you all know this but here in this article we will discuss more about the Girls Frontline 2 Exilium, like the new features, pre-registration. Ans also the recent updates of the related to the release date and download.

Girls Frontline 2 Exilium

New features in Girls Frontline 2 Exilium:-

Girls Frontline 2 Exilium is going to add some new features in the game, and I hope you will like those.

  1. A new story about a post-apocalyptic world.
  2. New T-Dolls with specific abilities
  3. New game types, including a Tarkov-style mode
  4. Improved fighting system including cover and dodge mechanics.
  5. Graphics and animation of high quality
  6. Sound design that is immersive
  7. Story and characters that are engaging
  8. Completing the game very difficult.

Girls Frontline 2 Exilium

Girls Frontline 2 Exilium Pre-registration:-

On July 20, 2023, pre-registration for the Chinese version of the game began. Players that pre-register for the Girls Frontline 2 Exilium game will be rewarded with in-game items, exclusive costumes, and the chance to win a trip to China to attend the game’s launch event.

The pre-registration campaign is still active, and players can sign up for the game through the official website or the TapTap app store. Girls Frontline 2 Exilium global release date will be set for early 2024, and pre-registrations for the global version are expected to begin in the next months.

Girls Frontline 2 Exilium

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Girls Frontline 2 Exilium recent updates:-

Girls Frontline 2 Exilium third closed beta test ended on July 17, 2023. The third closed beta test added a new story chapter, Tactical Dolls, and gameplay modes. On July 20, 2023, pre-registration for the Chinese version of the game began. The Chinese version of the game’s pre-registration campaign offers a variety of rewards, including in-game items and exclusive costumes.

As well as the chance to win a trip to China to attend the game’s launch event. Sunborn Games has announced that the Girls Frontline 2 Exilium would be released in two parts: Part 1 in China on October 26, 2023, and Part 2 in China and globally in early 2024. However, the announcement of the Girls Frontline 2 Exilium two-part release schedule was met with mixed feelings from players.

Some players were unhappy that the game would not be released in its whole in October 2023, while others were understanding thinking about the game’s complexity.

However, there is positive news: Apple approved the game’s iOS app store listing on July 20, 2023. This resulted in a placeholder date of October 26, 2023 for the global release.

Girls Frontline 2 Exilium


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