Ragnarok Origin Update Patch Notes: How to access?

Ragnarok Origin Update Patch Notes are the brand new things in this game. The highly anticipated Ragnarok origin update is here we provide all the details regarding the update. We provide an overview regarding the patch and all the news is gonna cover on our page.

Ragnarok Origin Update Patch Notes:-

Ragnarok Origin Update Patch Notes

Ragnarok ORIGIN is the most popular MMORPG game that is developed by  Gravity. And the game is inspired by a manhwa name Ragnarok done by Lee Myung-jin. Ragnarok Origin Update Patch Notes

The game not only has its animated series named Ragnarok but also has its sequel by the game name Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second. The game has its immerse word that evolves, there are some game changes and it evolves around the Ragnarok Online timeline.

Patch Notes

From the last update, several things are changed in Ragnarok Origin Update There are too many things that are gonna updated in this patch. They claim that it is a significant update for them. They solve quite a lot of bugs in the game Ragnarok Origin Update Patch Notes.

Ragnarok Origin Update Patch Notes :-

Account Binding Note

You have to participate in a game with a level 40+ game character, by clicking “rewards” in the game, after that select “account binding” to get your information. You have to note that a phone number and an email are only bound with one account verification. By successful completion you have grunt weekly rewards for your characters that are level 40+, starting for the week that you have done your verification.

[Early Bird Support Gift]As a token of early support, those who completed account binding from or after 8/3/2023 to 8/10/2023 23:59 after maintenance 8/3 have been granted extra rewards including Nyan berry 50+ Facewear-[I LOVE RO]. This is all sent by email within 5 days starting from 8/11.

Ragnarok Origin Update Patch Notes

Ragnarok Origin Update Patch Notes :-

Contents of RO Patch Notes

there are few new contents

  1. New Sigils

Job Sigils:

  • Lord Knight – Victory:
  • Mastersmith – Anti-Magic:
  • High Priest – Requiem
  • Champion – Discipline
  • Sniper – Swiftness
  • High Wizard – Permafrost
  • Assassin Cross – Nightfall:
  • Night
  • Biochemist – Wildfire:

Passive Sigils:

  • Marvelous (Red)
  • Starfall (Orange):
  • Meteor (Purple):
  • Impact (Orange):
  • Impulse (Purple):

*Marvelous (Red) is only obtainable by the limited-time event—Ultimate Clash.

*Other new Sigils except Marvelous (Red) are obtainable by Juperos Ruins and Sigil packs.

New Events in RO Patch Notes

Ultimate Clash in Ragnarok Origin Update

Login Rewards

From  8/3 5:00 – 8/13 4:59 log in every day to get free rewards like

  • [Egg Balancing Ticket * 2]
  •  [Eden Pouch * 14]

the rewards are upgradeable

Angelic Picky vs. Demonic Eggy

from 8/3 5:00 – 8/16 at 23:59 the event is started

The event has a few stages and every stage has unique mobs and fights

  • kill Spoon Eggy and Fork Eggy every day to get  EXP and Eden Coins
  • Ultimate Clash cards including MVP Cards, like mini cards and monster cards, cannot be sold in auctions.
  • Ultimate Clash ends on 8/16 at 23:59, and the results out on8/19 at 4:59, you have not missed this paternity

Eggy Chess

Event Period between 8/3 5:00 – 8/17 4:59

you can choose to play a ranked gamed game or play the unranked game with your friend. every player starts the game with 2 Egg Shells (L), 3 Egg Shells (M), and 3 Egg Shells (S). Your larger shell chapter small one or vice versa.

Egg Balancing

Event Period between 8/3 5:00 – 8/17 4:59

Players can change egg balancing by  [Egg Balancing Tickets] or [Nyan Berries].[Egg Balancing Tickets] can obtain by daily login, daily store, or daily egge pack. each attempt can get you rewards like  [Advanced Blessed Ore Pack], [Mysterious Cogwheel Gacha], and more.

  • You can challenge higher levels to get higher rewards. if you fail you will get rewards from the current level.

Ultimate Clash Event Store

Event Period between 8/3 5:00 – 8/19 4:59

Players can earn Origin Silver from Ultimate Clash and Eggy Chess events which can use to get including Egg Balancing Tickets, Rare Card Coupons, Sky & Terra Feather Chests, Gacha Tickets, Super  Coupons, Cogwheel Gachas, and more!

Desire For Battle

Event Period between 8/5 5:00 – 8/7 4:59 and 8/12 5:00 – 8/14 4:59

Players are going to enjoy 60 more minutes of monster fighting in the game.

Ragnarok Origin Update Patch Notes

And there are also more to come by so please kindly wait for an update.

New Purchasable Items in Ragnarok Origin Update

  • Fashion Gacha
  • Daily Eggy Pack

Conclusion of Ragnarok Origin Update Patch Notes:

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