POE 3.22.0 Patch Notes: All Things You Need to Know!!

The POE 3.22.0 patch notes The trail of the Ancestors is recently dropped. We are covering all of the details in our covering section. Check them below!

POE 3.22.0 Patch Notes The Trail of The Ancestors

3.22.0 POE patch notes or The Trail of the Ancestors has a challenge league. They said challenges are a great opportunity for the player to start fresh, and it has a new economy model. All of the old characters and items are still present in the game with standard and hardcore leagues.

POE 3.22.0 Patch Notes

Here are all the details you need to know.

  • POE 3.22.0 patch notes
  • 3.22.0 POE patch notes
  • POE 3.22 patch notes

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POE 3.22.0 Patch Notes: Challenges

  1. In the Ancestor league player have to visit karui afterlife and defeat 10 tribes in form of a series tournament.
  2. as the player plays throughout the game they will find tradeable silver coins, they are used to get a path into the karui afterlife.As basic players need to start with a basic team of 3 Karui warriors to enter the arena.
  3. Every match players can select the tribe they want to compete against based on the rewards.Players can examine the battlefield and choose a strategy to play against stronger opponents. Then when the fight began players fight alongside there team to fight enemy teams’ totems and win the match.
  4. When players fight on the tournament they will get accumulate favour with each tribe. This will be used to get new woriors and field items and equipment to get a stronger team.
  5. with POE 3.22 patch they found standard, hardcore, solo-self, and ancestor challenge league found. They have all the same mechanics as all the battles and the same items also.The player can creat a privet league with the mods to make the game harder.
  6. POE 3.22.0 patch notes:-The trail of the Ancestors league all set of 40 challenges,and 8 of a new set of challenges in Routhless. There are rewards to completing the challenges.

POE 3.22.0 Patch Notes: New Content

POE 3.22.0 Patch Notes

There are few adjustments and forbidden sanctum in the core game

  1. New strength:-1.Control blaze,2.Corrupting cry,3.Truma,4.Volatility
  2. Strengths and intelligence:-1.Flamewood,2.Guardian’s Blessing
  3. Support Gem:-Returning Projectiles
  4. Strength support Gem:-Sadism
  5. Intelligence support Gem:-Locus Mine
  6. New Intelligence Support Gem:-1.FridigBond,2.FreshMeat,3.Sacrifice
  7. New Strength support Gem:-Spellblade
  8. New Dexterity support Gem:-devore

There are additional 15 unique items including the one from Crucible Boss KILL Event.

And 2 New Divination cards from the supporters.

Added new Atlas keystone Passive skills

  • Extreme Archaeology
  • Lucid dreams
  • All hands
  • Destructive Play
  • Caaia’s pride
  • Speaker of dead
  • Endless Tide
  • Arbitary Tenants
  • Immutable Dogma
  • Unending Nightmare
  • Timeless Conflict
  • Crop Rotation
  • Bold undertaking
  • Overloaded Circuits
  • Meticulous Appraiser
  • The Seventh Gate

POE 3.22.0 patch notes: Forbidden Sanctum Changes

The Forbidden Sanctum is added to the core game it has an area level of 83 and you have to meet Divinia in the docks in Act 10. There are full of rewards in completing the game. some special feature is added in-game so it makes more hard to win like monster are immune to damage if there are no players within 100 meters

POE 3.22.0 patch notes: Others Changes

There are many other changes and they are

  • Atlas Chaange-there are more maps that have been added , and some of them are also removed. crafting recipes are been added to the map also. if bosses are corrupted that are not shown in the game also.
  • Atlas Passive Changes
  • League Changes:-1.Legion,2.Delirium,3.Torment
There are some Ascendancy Balance
  1. Guardian
  2. Chieftain
  3. Ascendant
  4. Occultist

These are all the changes we found till now and there are yet many more to come so stay tuned players…


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