Underground Treasure Hunt Event Guide Day 1-Free rewards!!

Underground Treasure Hunt Event Guide Day 1-Free rewards; HoYoverse release a new limited time ‘Treasure Hunt’ event for Honkai:Star Rail featureing several free rewards and steller jades for f2p playes, with this player can easily pull for there favourite characters in recent banner,or save for future character.

With the update 1.2 Honkai:Star Rail introduces a limited time “Treasure Hunt” event , where player can explore ancient ruins for free rewards and stellare jades.With the new playble charecter Kafka and luka , can be available during this event, so many player want to get them by pulling in thare limited time banner.

Underground Treasure Hunt Event Guide Day 1-Starting Time:-

During 2023/08/09(server time) – 2023/08/28(server time)bancient ruins from before the eternl freeze are once again seeing the light of the day.Rare trasures and ancient relics are buried in the  depths , waiting to be discovered by brave and adventurous traveler.


Underground Treasure Hunt Event Guide Day 1:-How to unlock?

Underground Treasure Hunt Event Guide Day 1
Underground Treasure Hunt Event Guide

After log in to Honkai:Star Rail player have to go to the quest and follow the path to the great ruins and here traveler meet a NPC name Aksay .After meet with NPC the quest start bt talking to him. The NPC give taveler a choice to enter the ancient ruins .But first traveler must Note that you must be at least Trailblaze Level 24 to unlock the mission.

Underground Treasure Hunt Event Guide Day 1:-Event Requirments

To unlock the Underground Treasure Hunt,First of all traveler must Note that you must be at least Trailblaze Level 24 to unlock the mission,and traveler must complete Silent Galaxy Trailblaze Mission which is part of the In The Sweltering Mornng Sun Trailblaze Mission Series!

Underground Treasure Hunt Event Guide Day 1:-How to explore?

After talking to Aksay the NPC player have to chose the day one surface of the undarground becuse the other 5 are lock the are gona open particular day within the event period.Once player completed all the prerequst quest player will show a pop up screen that show all the enemies and ruin detailsinherited ruin stats.

Underground Treasure Hunt Event Guide Day 1
Underground Treasure Hunt Event Guide

Player must have a team for entering the ruins. 2 free trail character provide for the qust but player must need afull team to fight all the enemies in the ruins.


The mines are arrenge like a squre box and some of them are hilighted .Player shoyd provided 25 of 30 stamina and player must use it wisely to go the end of the ruins.Because press on the tiles consume stamina so player must plane a route .

*Note that if you run out of stamina, exploring will consume your entire team’s HP.

While exploring the area find ancient equipment to boost your charecter.There are also Ancient Relics  that can buff your characters and aid you in battle similar to Path Blessings in the Simulated Universe.


You can also find enemies within the ruins, these enemies can block a path or even enhance other enemies within the level! by defeting one you can explore easier but on the last level you must defete all the enemies to exit the ruins.

Extra Characters For Help:

In the ruins player encounter additional trial character to play and help in the team.Make use of them when facing enemies with weaknesses you don’t have covered. possible trial character to encounter are – Bronya , Gepard, Sampo, Pela, Clara , Serval .

Possible rewards for Day 1:

Ruin 1=

  1. Stellar Jade *200
  2. Relic Remains*40
  3. Traveler’s guide*12
  4. Obsidian of Obsession*4
  5. Obsidian of Desolation*12
  6. Cradit*120,000


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