Desert Treasure 2 Quest Guide: Conquering the Mysteries of the Kharidian Desert!

Desert Treasure 2 Quest Guide, Mysteries of the Kharidian Desert in the huge world of Old School RuneScape are remake of the original Desert Treasure quest. This Desert Treasure 2 Quest is the hard quest, which is available on July 26, 2023, takes place in the burning extent of the Kharidian Desert.

Prepare for a thrilling journey as we explore ancient ruins, battle powerful enemies. Here in this article we will give the full Desert Treasure 2 Quest guide, what is it?, Requirements ti complete it, hiw to complete it and also the rewards we will get after completing. We will also answer some questions the are asked frequently form us. So stay in this article to know all this things.

Desert Treasure 2 Quest Guide

What is Desert Treasure 2 Quest Guide?

Desert Treasure 2 is a game-exclusive quest available only to members. To start on this Desert Treasure 2 Quest, you must be skilled in magic, agility, and battle. The following are the minimum level requirements you must meet:

  • 70 Magic
  • 70 Agility
  • 70 Ranged
  • 65 Strength
  • 65 Defence
  • 60 Prayer
  • 55 Thieving

In addition to the level requirements, you will also need to have the following items you need to complete the Desert Treasure 2 Quest:

  • A dramen staff
  • A glory amulet
  • A combat bracelet
  • A set of graceful clothing
  • A few hundred runes of each type
  • A few dozen potions of each type

Desert Treasure 2 Quest Guide

How to Complete Desert Treasure 2 Quest?

To complete Desert Treasure 2 Quest guide, you must do the following:

  1. Start the quest by speaking with Iban at Nardah’s library.
  2. Visit the Senntisten ancient ruins.
  3. Explore the ruins to find the four keys required to proceed.
  4. Take on the four bosses who defend the keys.
  5. Solve the puzzles that are in your way.
  6. Defeat the Leviathan, the last boss.

Desert Treasure 2 Quest Guide

Rewards for Completing Desert Treasure 2 Quest:-

The journey is not without its rewards. You will get entry to the coveted Ancient Magicks spell book if you successfully complete Desert Treasure 2 quest. This spell book contains a variety of powerful spells that can deliver great damage.

Heal you, improve your stats, and even shield you from harm. You’ll also be able to craft the formidable Ancient Sceptre, a great weapon that will aid you in your future attempts. Aside from these exclusive gifts, you’ll also earn runes, potions, and armor as tokens of your win.

Desert Treasure 2 Quest Guide

FAQs :-

1. Is Desert Treasure 2 a difficult quest?

Desert Treasure 2 quest is a difficult, but it is not impossible. You can overcome its challenges if you have the right skills and talents, as well as a bit of determination.

Here are some of the factors that result in Desert Treasure 2 being a difficult quest:

  • The challenge requires a high level of magical, agility, and combat abilities.
  • Fighting four formidable bosses is part of the quest.
  • You must solve a sequence of puzzles to complete the objective.
  • The quest is lengthy and might be tedious.

2. What are the benefits of using Ancient Magicks?

With its powerful spells, Ancient Magicks opens up a universe of possibilities. You get access to powerful offensive spells, as well as spells that can heal you, improve your powers, and even teleport you to different locations quickly.

3. What are the components of the Ancient Sceptre?

You’ll need to combine four sigils to create the powerful Ancient Sceptre: the Blood Sigil, the Ice Sigil, the Shadow Sigil, and the Smoke Sigil. Each sigil can be gained by beating the four bosses in Desert Treasure 2.

4. Where can I find the Ancient Magicks spell book?

The old Magicks spell book is waiting for you in Senntisten’s old ruins. Once you’ve found it, go to the Nardah library and ask Iban for help in learning its secrets.


Desert Treasure 2 quest is an exciting mission that will test your strength, skill, and wit. When polled in January 2023, over 90% of players approved of this quest, due to its interesting challenges and rewarding gameplay. Desert Treasure 2, created by the famous Mod Ash, takes you on an exciting trip, adding new features such as the Ancient Magicks spell book and the Ancient Sceptre. Are you prepared to face the mysteries of the Kharidian Desert and win in Desert Treasure 2 quest guide?



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